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  1. Hey Dev's and Staff, Since servers were added , I wanted to ask is there any plugin platform or a possiblity to make plugins for the server(API and etc)?
  2. TrueThat

    Sneak Peek #17

  3. TrueThat

    Sneak Peek #16

    Ooohhh yeah Im ready to eat all of those candies!
  4. TrueThat

    RESOLVED Stuck in night mode

    No problem, Im always glad to help
  5. TrueThat

    RESOLVED Stuck in night mode

    Hey, Open Chat Box , Press [Enter]. Then Type in the chat box /daydur 2400. This will reset the "bug" (probably) and set your day duration to 40 min. if it doesnt work try setting up your time manually like this: - Open Chat Box. - Write /sethour 6. (Will set your hour to 6 AM). - ??? - Profit (Hope this helps to fix your problem) Best Regards, TrueThat
  6. TrueThat

    Building a ship...

    Hello, To make it sail you need to have two basic things installed on the ship (for it to sail): The Steering Wheel (For the ship I dont remember how to call it properly) The Sail Best Regards, TrueThat
  7. TrueThat

    My floating ship

    Thats really cool mate, Is that thing really flying lol? Im also planning to make a really crazy ship too its going to take me days but its worth it
  8. TrueThat

    I built a small Destroyer...

    So, I finally made one! It might not be the best one but it can defiently do some damage! Specs: 6 Fully Functional Cannons Headquarters 1 Room Great Armour (PS. I will to make a battleship next , if its possible Ill extand the ship platform and maybe even redo it! )
  9. TrueThat

    exploration multiplayer?

    Im so excited!! I cant wait to play this game with other players!!
  10. TrueThat

    Sneak Peek #15

    yeah that would be awesome if you could edit the hull
  11. TrueThat

    Sneak Peek #15

    I would love to have a destroyer too lol
  12. TrueThat

    Translation of Ylands

    Hey, If this spot is still availble I would like to help you guys to translate the game to Hebrew! (Something unusual this time! ) Regards
  13. Hey Everyone! I would like to suggest that servers would have full plugin support? Maybe even a whole plugin framework! That would be awesome the amount of things that you can make with plugins! I am dreaming about this currently, this game is awesome already but plugins will make it even awesomer ;)!