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  1. Me too, having this issue in at least one of my saves. Usually after decent progression, you log off and when you come back to play your last game it forces you to create a new character with no items and no progression in crafting and you spawn to your first yland. I've had this happen at least 2 times yesterday and it started after the latest update before that no problem. This bug kind of killed my motivation to play atm as I created my base to second yland and need to start over and over again from starting yland. Game had good seed so far, really liking the map and found almost 1200 both suplhur and saltpeter from first 3 ylands.
  2. I'm pretty sure ship rope ladders are known issue, players teleporting to another ladder than you are trying to climb. Example having 2 ships you try to climb to one of your ships and it teleports you to the second ship ladders. Well today I had new kind of bug with ladders. Explorer mode I climbed metal ladders in-house (one of those prebuilt ones) and it took me to top of tesla generator (prebuilt one on the sky) which was nearish of these ladders that were in house. Death was not avoidable of course. I was lucky that it all happened near spawn area and I did jump down from that tesla thingy so all the stuff was on the ground below it.