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  1. TheClockArm

    First Ship

    Lookin' good
  2. TheClockArm

    Selling User Made Blueprints

    Will we be able to sell our user-made blueprints for coyns? I think it might make for a unique experience for currency exchange between individuals which can also give creators an opportunity to be rewarded for sharing their work, an opportunity not currently granted on the workshop.
  3. TheClockArm

    Dev Diary #36

    Or maybe give seeds the option to snap to a grid? So we can do BOTH free place and grid place. As for grid placement, I think it should only snap on x&z axis while conforming to the ground on the y axis. However you choose to do it, I agree that seed placement and farming need a bit of work
  4. TheClockArm

    A new beginning

    Inside on a stormy night, a new addition to the complex
  5. TheClockArm

    A new beginning

    Maybe they are
  6. TheClockArm

    A new beginning

    Update to the location. Slow progress, but its progress nonetheless
  7. TheClockArm

    Welcome Stations

    Really well done, a good way of helping newcomers to a server
  8. TheClockArm

    Scavenged Airplane House

    I love it!
  9. TheClockArm

    Snakes and a little trick for the editor

    Wow! Amazing technique, not like I could ever do it
  10. TheClockArm

    Ylands Building Competition II - Tiny Monkey

    Love the song choice
  11. TheClockArm

    Ylands Building Competition II

    Have fun I believe you'll pick the right idea @spyler.1989
  12. TheClockArm

    Ylands Building Competition II

    Why can't you join?
  13. TheClockArm

    Ylands Building Competition I

    Congratulations to @TinyMonkey for winning! The next competition can be found here:
  14. TheClockArm

    Ylands Building Competition II

    Hey everyone! Just reminding you that the two main changes since last competition are that we now encourage you to reply to this main forum post to keep this thread alive, and that voting is now done on their individual page as opposed to their reply to this page.
  15. TheClockArm

    Ylands Building Competition I - Spyler.1989

    I love it! Make sure in order to submit it that you link your post in this forum: And feel free to include 1 picture to accompany your link Edit: Love the KSP music on the video, and the Ylands Store Decorations