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  1. That's great news, thanks, One quick question, will this fix the saves that it has already happened on or will it take a fresh game start?
  2. This bug is now happening on every past save I have had and new game I start so have done some of my own testing and on 3 saves here are the results 4 hours played 7 saves no issues, then built my boat and the next save corrupted with this issue. the next 2 test were from the same original save about 5 mins into a new character (this made sure that I had the same starting point for multiple tests) 1 hour played total of 6 quit, save and continues with no issues, then I built my boat and the next save corrupted to have this issue 1 hour played 2 quit, save and continue no issues, then I built my boat and the next save corrupted with this issue Only time I am facing this corruption is after my Ship is built (large ship) I then did a further test as on the original save above as I had also built the additional ship parts on the front and back and the helm then had issues placing the mast as it said out of range, and the placement grid was red not white. All in all with the large ship built and after being able to place the front and back additional pieces and the wheel with no placement issues the save, quit and continue worked fine and I was able to continue playing, but as soon as I built and tried to place a mast, I had the same placement issues with the boat being unstable and the mast placement grid always showing red, I was forced to place the mast in free view mode but the next save was corrupted. If this is of any help it seems to be something to do with the mast placement issues where the whole ship seems to rock under the weight of the mast trying to be placed. This is a game breaking bug for me as I am at the stage in the game where every play through this is happening and I am unwilling to spend anymore time in Ylands until this is fixed, to ensure I don't burn myself out on the frrst 1 hour of gameplay over and over before being faced with this bug every time I build a ship.
  3. Karniest

    How do i get Ylander badge ?

    That's great thanks, When I try and connect it, it says steam is already connected to another account, but I only have this account on here. Thanks
  4. Karniest

    How do i get Ylander badge ?

    Same Issues for me, I think I linked them after I bought the steam version with the in game button. Here is my direct Steam profile link http://steamcommunity.com/id/Beetlebob/ Thanks
  5. No apology needed, its early access and problems with bugs are expected
  6. I am having the same issue, here are my files SURVIVAL_101.zip
  7. Sorry, I did do a quick and dirty search before posting but did not see this. Would you like me to post my save game to Yumikaze's post as I was very early on in gameplay and had no protective barrier active (I had not even deployed it, I think its still broken in a chest somewhere)
  8. I have over 150 hours into this game and loving it immensely. But........... I have just tried to log into my current character (who is very much alive) and when you select the game the screen normally scrolls to the sky with all the loading messages, but for me once the screen scrolls to the sky, there are no loading messages, and after 2-3 sec's I get a Character creation screen. I press escape to return to main menu, and it doesn't matter how many times I try this I get the same new character screen. If I create this new Character I am spawned on the same Island with all my buildings, boat, and chest (with items in) as if nothing has happened. Except my character has nothing in his inventory, no broken barrier, no note from my previous character, no container bags as I would have got if I died. I do backup my saves but this is still a loss of 2-3 hours if I go back to a previous save. Very frustrating as this is the 2nd time this week, hence why I am posting here. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  9. Whatever caused it was a good mistake, looks cool
  10. Hahahaha, not sure if he should take this as a 'Burn' Nothing about the design or look of the boat just 'I like the colours'
  11. Karniest


    Great info, I always thought all the Guardian Armour pieces would be higher than Iron, but this shows otherwise. Here comes my mismatched armour for cave jumping Also 1- You are missing the Bomb Disposal helmet and Leopard Skin helmet 2 - Unless the Leopard Skin helmet is just classed as clothes
  12. I have the same stutter issue on a flat surface with a 6 block high doorway, but on a 6 high doorway at the top of stairs the character just gets stuck and can not get through without jumping.