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  1. infinite rubber seems like a glitch! i only harvested 25 pieces of rubber from a tree i accidentally chopped down before i realized that something must be wrong and came here to look and see if others had experienced it as well.
  2. Hi, I've never reported here before so bear with me please. I have been going through the painful process of getting my ship out of the too-shallow water I built it in and have suddenly begun to fall through my ship, the world, and eventually freeze to death (guess hell froze over). This has happened to me twice in a row. I've worked around getting stuck inside the geometry of my ship but this is new! I did a search and it seems that someone had a similar problem with an invisible ladder in their hut. I would attach my save files if I had any idea where to find them!
  3. How do I loot my standing corpse??? The first time I fell down the rabbit hole and created a new character I spawned with all my gear. The second time I seem to have died before/during my spawn but when I created a new character I found that I'm standing in front of myself...and I don't get an opportunity to loot my gear, lol. I kinda hope I last there as a lifelike monument to my dopiness I beat up my standing corpse with my fists until she exploded my gear all over so I have everything but my map back. YAY