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  1. ClayC

    [COMPLETED] Police Pursuit

    Well you done some statements that are not about the game, such as the legal aspect of the contracts, all of P1 members, including myself, know that when we submit any assets to P1, P1 will gain ownership of that asset. All builders, scripters and the like know that if we win a competition a cut of that prize will go to us via means we choose and that P1 can accommodate, I would not ask Red to show proof of payment publicly, as it may include personal details, which not everyone is comfortable sharing online. Since you brought up the legality of the contracts, I would call it an agreement more then a contract, which members joining the p1 creators is accepting the terms issued by P1, that in itself is a legal binding agreement, it requires a form of signing from both ends, which P1 acquires in the sign up process. We can elaborate more on the subject, however, I feel this is not the place for such discussion.
  2. ClayC

    [COMPLETED] Police Pursuit

    You can control what you say, but not how others feel. This game is awesome, it needed rework on many parts of it to make it work on the latest version and according to the devs it's a valid entry, end of story. Anything unrelated to the game, should infact be taken to a separate thread or even discord
  3. ClayC


    Everything is within the rules, should anyone be concerned, you may check for yourself. Amazing level, this is a masterpiece, keep it up P1
  4. ClayC

    [COMPLETED] Police Pursuit

    Everything is within the rules, should anyone be concerned, you may check for yourself. Great work once more P1!
  5. ClayC

    Server info api

    Hi, is there any updates on this matter? Do servers now have a server api, or a way we can ping the server to see it's status and amount of players, playing on the server?
  6. ClayC

    Competition Winnings not in yet!

    Just as a small update in regards to this post, we have received half the funds, we are still waiting for a word on the remainder half. Perhaps they will follow soon,
  7. ClayC

    Competition Winnings not in yet!

    @Aleš UlmI thank you for sharing your opinion here, but I cannot go without replying, I understand Bohemia Interactive is not Tencent, and this is why in my post I spoke directly about Tencent. I respect BI a lot as all the developers and managers who are responsible for ylands have been working hard, taking the right decisions about the little things that we didn't even know we'd like. But they investigated and implemented. However, the problem is, when a company/individual asks for a delay, one will expect that the extension they are asking for would be reasonable and well thought. This shows that Tencent first said 45 days. Even though this is a lengthy time for us, we accepted, then they asked for an extension, till the 1st of November, we accepted. But now they are asking for another extension. I prefer if they came forward and said, we will deliver the money within 6 months and then surprise me with early transfer of 4 months. Hope that you can understand what I mean. To add more insult to injury, They have also removed prizes from the competition. What sort of a company will do all this crazy maneuvering if they want to help launch a product? This will scare away people!
  8. I am writing this as myself, not representing any group or organization, this is what I think and how things are from my perspective I am here to spread the word about how untrustworthy Tencent is, I am part of a larger group who won prizes in the latest competition, the total prize money Tencent owe us is of $10,000. This should be pocket money for the company but for us, this is a large sum, we worked very hard for this competition, some of us putting in over 100 hours of pure labour ( totaling in the thousands of man hours all together ) into this to get the best build, best game etc.that First bad move by the company was that prizes were reduced, some prizes were lifted and basically the overall amount went down significantly. Next, we won and the announcement was quick, as it should be, then we were told that the money should be transferred to us within 45 days, but most likely to be before. When 45 days were over, we were told that on November 1st, we will receive half of the money, which is $5,000. We accepted to receive half now and half later down the line. Now do note, I am writing this on November 2nd, the money is not in yet, which is unprofessional to say the least, but to be asked another extension, till the 7th is a whole different level of unprofessionalism, Tencent is the biggest company in china, A multi billion company, and they are taking this long to pay winning of a competition!!!!! I feel betrayed by the company, I feel that no company should put winners through this hasle, especially, being that we are the biggest community on Ylands! This is how they are going to treat us? I demand my money within 48hrs. No more extensions! No more excuses, PAY UP TENCENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. ClayC

    Name Change Topic

    haha yes, I meant sign
  10. ClayC

    Name Change Topic

    Sing me up for "ClayC_P1" !!