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    Sneak Peek #45

    Many of us have Win7 and do not want Win10. Had win10, it killed a $200 SSD.
  2. SypherFox

    Sneak Peek #45

    Really wonderful, but what about you focous on [Offical] Servers? i have restarted on 3 different Servers because of all the bugs. fix the Servers before you bring us new items. 8 days ago i started on MP EU Offical 11. everything was going fine till i bumped another ship with my ship. then the Server droped to 2fps... so me and my friend left the Server. loged back in the next day, and Server had been reset and 4 days building gone. so we wnet to MP EU Offical 8, well after 2 days building there, ship helm stoped working, we could not drive our ship. raft and small boats worked fine. Now yesterday morning at 6am my time i started on MP EU Offical 2, played all day with only bug, the Server locked lag bug when ppl loged outo the Server, So that bug all day. at almost midnight i loged out, had crafted a Propeller pack. used it for 4 hours b4 i loged out, then now today, been playing till 30 minuits ago. the reason i stoped is because my friend loged in and my PPack is now gone. jsut poof off my back and is no where to be found. Oh and almost forgot, i did die yesterday on EU2, and instead of spawning on the Island we picked for our set up, i respawned on the start Island. it was a Long raft ride back to base. So on that note, Please fix the Servers and make them playable before you make new Content. 1 - 28 - 2018, Trying to log into Offical EU 2 since 11am it is now 12 noon, and after 4 trys all i get is a the blue loading Screen and it is stuck at 100% and not going into the Server. Please fix the Servers!
  3. SypherFox

    RESOLVED Bouncy Bouncy

    Sorry it fixed it's self, after about 6 relogs. thank you though for asking.
  4. SypherFox

    RESOLVED Bouncy Bouncy

    my chracter constantely bounces up and down and my Propeller pack stop working, when i 2 tap space bar the PP anamation starts but then stops. and ideas anyone?
  5. SypherFox

    DEV ANSWER Undestructible buildings

    I think the forcefield Thing should cover the entire map in SP mode. then all you would Need is a hammer to remove blocks 1 at a time.