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    CANT REPRODUCE Arrows getting stuck

    I was using the hunting bow when I had the problem
  2. Hi, since 0.3 update my old save has a problem where it looks like I had coal in my inventory I now have stones. The option to destroy them does not show and if I drop them I get stones on the floor but they are still in my inventory. I can keep throwing them out ad infinitum. So I now have 3 slots taken up with stones that I cannot get rid of.
  3. Hi, not sure if this has been asked before and I'm sure it's on the cards anyway, but thought I'd ask! Will armour/weapons have stats displayed at some point so we know which armour protects us best and which weapons are the most powerful? At the moment it seems a bit easy to make most armours / weapons, will there be new ores, alloys so we can make different types in the future? If so how far into the future do you think this will be? Also on the dying and respawn issue, a lot of games use binding to a bed to set a spawn point so maybe this is how it can be achieved. Having a bed on a large boat would make sense as well as having them on a yland?
  4. Tracat

    Armour/Weapon stats and more

    ok, thanks Ane
  5. Tracat

    Propeller pack exploration mode

    You need to find some coal! I found some on the surface of one of my ylands but it's now disappeared By warmth pots do you mean braziers? Tbh I use fur armour when I'm cold, you need a sewing kit so a sea urchin for a spine and some yarn, then the rest I will leave up to you to find out!
  6. Tracat

    Propeller pack exploration mode

    Pretty sure it was craftable direct, try using the search in your crafting menu for prop. If not try the same search while in the smithy and and then the foundry. Also it uses the standard sized power cell, not a small one so ensure you have the right one. On my laptop atm or I'd check in my known recipes for you.
  7. Tracat

    CANT REPRODUCE Arrows getting stuck

    Nope not you, I noticed this too, very annoying, shame you can't pick up the arrows too, no reason an arrow would disappear, one good reason for using them is being able to pick up non spent arrows!
  8. Tracat

    Fire Creation

    Have you got a couple of flints to rub together? Also i believe you can make something with a simple bow, stick and rope (i think is the recipe?), but not tried that myself.
  9. Both, the coal seems to have turned into stones and the surface vein I had on a yland has gone
  10. I can now get rid of the stone in my inventory but the coal has disappeared totally on the original island I found it on, so has coal been removed for now?
  11. Tracat

    A bunch of questions

    You need to find some coal, I finally found some on an island south of where I started. I also found a really arid land where sulphur was on the surface.
  12. Tracat

    DEV ANSWER Compass?

    Not sure if it's because I've not found the recipe yet, but if not could we get a compass and also have it that it's shows up on the ui somewhere so we can see the direction we're going. I can understand if you make it a ship mounted item but it would be nice to have for use with the propeller pack too?
  13. Tracat

    DEV ANSWER Compass?

    That's excellent news, thanks Aleš
  14. Hi, If I exit the game the map you can make with parchment disappears, if you make a new map all the previous map info has disappeared. Is this meant to happen or a bug?
  15. Hi, Yep the map is back and working fine, thanks