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  1. Aristodikos

    RESOLVED ship won't turn

    I have the sollution on that, i had the same issue some months ago and i made a post with my saved game attached There is a bug (sorry Ane that you dont remember it ) that for a strange reason, some staff atached on ship goes randomly to the shore blocking the ship's moving due to shore interaction. A "quick" fix of that without developer's support, is to walk around, find them a destroy them. This will let you move your ship again. Just count the staff that missing from your deck to know for waht you are looking for.
  2. Aristodikos

    The stars

    I did a similar post a bit ago.....
  3. Aristodikos

    Flyong to the moon.....

    Just imagine if you can touch this white sphere that company us on the night..... Imagine a new wolrd that will be full of rare resources such as ylandium crystals and dungeos and bosses etc.... Can be a good idea for a sandbox game as an end game staff Oh ylands, how many things you can do....if you really want it
  4. Aristodikos

    underwater ranged weapons

    i will appresiate if i will see in the near future ranged underwater weapons such as pneumatic or mechanic Snorkeling or something similar. Also it will be a good idea to be able to skin sharks and compine their skin with other staff in order to make a divers suite. Also underwater traps such as net or something like that will be a good idea aswell.
  5. Aristodikos

    Tesla Coils

    Nice tip friend, thanks
  6. Aristodikos

    Tesla Coils

    any one has any tip of how getting the keys of those spheres?
  7. Aristodikos


    i believe that in every new game we made after the .3 patch, no coal spawn vein at all...
  8. Aristodikos


    Still didnt find any coal in game. I started new game but still didnt find. Even the darkest collored veins that i found, they gave me stone, stone chuns etc. Searched to any type of island even to the deepest cave and nothing. Any screen shot about how it looks like?
  9. Aristodikos

    Shiphull Variations

    As i did to another post, im waiting to see Submarines in game. ofc combined with steampowered idea
  10. Aristodikos


    Anyone else having problem finding coal or Ylandium crystals?
  11. Confirmed, after searching in 8 ylands, no coal at all...
  12. Aristodikos


    propably is really really raer..... after searching at 7 ylands, nothng found....
  13. Aristodikos

    LArger view

    During exploration, will be nice if we have an option for better results during exploration, for example 1. Larger FOV from higher altitude (in case of using flying potion or propeller pack) 2. Monocular 3. Something like radar attached with electricity modules 4. FOV Potion for alchemists
  14. Aristodikos


    Is there any other way to make or find ylandium exept the mutated animal bones? is there any way to find it and dig it?
  15. Aristodikos


    As title says Also submarine ranged weapons will be good