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  1. Kathryn Davidson

    Sneak Peek #48

    While I am glad Eujen has a platform to tell us he works in this industry, I don't see what his CV has to do with me voicing my opinion. I do not work with computers, software, or programming, but even lowly non-industry people such as I know that crashes happen. As I am not an insider who is able to name-drop the companies I have worked for but don't anymore, I don't think telling me that I need to do all the stuff a professional beta-tester does would do helps. I don't know how to accurately "attempt to reproduce" the accident that is the problem, as the game crashes at least once every single time I play. I have sent the information the game devs asked us to send when problems occur that aren't easily fixed, but what happened was people commented on how they solved or tried to solve the same problem on their game and the devs marked it as solved. Fun! Taking the extra time to record every gameplay, take screenshots, work up a log (I assume of key logs, or maybe a diary) and what ever else he thinks I should do would turn what often seems like an amazing game feel more like a boring, unpaid job. If all that is needed to fix the problem, then perhaps some getting some programming students to intern as beta testers would be in the best interest of the game. Not going to name drop, but this is not my first dance with early access, beta games, or even alpha games. Rushing to add more fluff to a game that lags, stutters and crashes doesn't seem like the best thing to do. And fixing the things that stops me from playing the game in the first place would give a better and better experience than telling me in jargon to shut up and take these vendors that sell stuff I can literally gather myself right behind said vendor.
  2. Kathryn Davidson

    Sneak Peek #48

    Not really looking forward to new stuff added to the game when the game (for me) crashes with no notice. The NPC's don't sell anything really worth having, and I play on mute anyway. What would be nice would be to play without it stuttering on and off again until it decides to just COMPLETELY FREEZE until I turn off my computer to get it off my screen. Can you fix things like that first?
  3. Kathryn Davidson

    Sneak Peek #47

    I am very happy that you are addressing major issues people have with "Host unreachable." As for the gameplay, by far my worst gameplay issues I hope you address soon are as follows: 1. Birds knocking over or stopping ships. I had a ship that was unable to move because a seagull landed on it and couldn't find its way off. I tried to help it by removing the sides of my boat, but it just stayed in a corner trying to fly away. And the ship was unable to move. I finally went into editor, but since my ship was not on the original island, I could not find it to fix. I had to abandon the beautiful ship. 2. Items being unable to be accessed in storage. It seems that every five minutes I have to exit and re-enter the game just to be able to get ahold of some seeds in my inventory. Or the panels I just spent a lot of time making. It takes forever to reload a game, especially the more you play it. So having to reload after a short amount of gameplay so you can use the items you have gathered/made is infuriating.
  4. Kathryn Davidson

    KNOWN ISSUE Large Ship Capsized during building...

    I logged back into the game, in case relogging would fix the problem, but no joy. It is still unusable as a ship. I have started a new exploration game, and now I cannot make a usable ship at all. I built a small ship, and could not out anything on it. I then built a large ship, same thing. Whether the ship helm, mast, or large mast, it would wobble and sink the ship; which I then had to jump off and/or pull up the anchor. NOTHING can be put on these ships, which make them unusable. This has never happened to me before, but suddenly after having that first boat capsized, I cannot make a seaworthy ship. This problem is making the game of exploration, as far as I am concerned, virtually unplayable.
  5. I love this game and love the exploration side of it most. But this last time I was in the process of building up a large ship. I was about 2/3 finished when I was launched into the air. I was walking up stairs, wanted to jump one, and was launched into the air. When I came back down onto the ship I had lost three hearts and the ship leaned and shimmied to the side. I hit something else and died, plunging to the bottom of the water. That wasn't the awful part. My ship was completely turned onto its side. There is no way I can think of to fix this. I don't mind dying because I have become a pro at recovering from it. But I can't rebuild yet another ship. Can you please help me? Can you at least tell me what the heck happened that makes sense? My character has never been launched like that before today. Attached are the files requested output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt