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  1. The Joker 66

    Launcher Failure

    Here are the logs, I also tried others versions of the launcher but still the same problem. YlandsLauncher.log YlandsLauncher-previous.log
  2. The Joker 66

    Launcher Failure

    This is the log: [0606/191042:ERROR:resource_bundle.cc(720)] Failed to load C:\Program Files (x86)\Ylands\Launcher\resources\qtwebengine_devtools_resources.pak Some features may not be available.
  3. The Joker 66

    Launcher Failure

    Hello, I registered and install the setup.exe but when I run the launcher there is only a white window and a LOGIN button on the down right corner. When I click on LOGIN nothing happends and a CANCEL button appears and the left down corner. I can't do nothing