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  1. Sereiseth Chhay

    Sneak Peek #35

    Could we have character more smooth and cute than now, in the future? I feel my character so ugly now. lols And pet, also so like a robot.
  2. I also have same as your problem. When I tried to connect to Admin server too. Perfectly stuck at DOWNLOADING GAME DATA FROM SERVER 100%.
  3. Sereiseth Chhay

    0.4: Stylish Sharing (07/06/2017)

    If I go in there.
  4. Sereiseth Chhay

    0.4: Stylish Sharing (07/06/2017)

    It's always like this whenever new update release. But lucky I still can play in Online.
  5. Sereiseth Chhay

    Modern Ideas.

    Dear Server. I realize that this game take my soul. Open world and unlimited. My idea to make fun, I would something new like to have pets, a Submarine, airplane and Coal engine for ship. Pets, just the creature in the game. catch them by trap and don't let's them go or kill them, just feel them, until it become friendly, by progress like get a horse. Submarine just like a ship, I have nothing to mention. Airplane, hmm, I think it is strange, but an airplane land on water maybe nice, emergency eject with Parachute. Owsome!!!! Coal engine for ship make moving more faster. I really enjoy this game. I hope I can see them in Next Version, like Ylands 1.0.0
  6. Sereiseth Chhay

    Download From Server Feiled

    I'm from Cambodia. All the times that I try to join Main Server is completely stuck at here. I been wait it here for 15 min, and I got nothing, and Something it show a message said that "HOST UN###########" , and back to Main Menu and can't join this server anymore, but it still show on Multiplayer List. Any problem like me? Or something wrong?
  7. Sereiseth Chhay

    Update Failed