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Heya Guys!

First of all, an awesome game! Found it by coincidence and fell in love with it!

Well I wanted to generate a massive land to explore, and played around with the editor.
Upon entering the game, I found out when moving, rotating ingame and such, all the shadows are "jumpy" "jittery"
Tried various graphics settings and such, but it seems nothing seemed to help, so my only apparent conclusion is that it has to be a bug.

Bug: Shadows Jitter and jump all across the screen upon movement.
Ways to reproduce the bug:
Go into the editor, create a terrain with a custom name, custom seed and geographical location.
Save the file, enter the Terrain/Yland you have created.

I have attached the save / scenario to the post :)
Hopefully its on my end, and not a bug :P



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Thanks! I think we already experienced this at some point - we'll look into it.

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