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DEV ANSWER List off glitches\bugs


Finnaly had some time today to play this great game again :) Came across a few minor glitches that i decided to report to make this great game even better :) If this have been reported before then i am sorry for that, but i dont have time to read all the topics posted allready as i am sure you will understand :) 

First glitch happened when i put food inn 1 of my 2 ovens on my boat, lit them both up and flew to a island close by to pick up more stuff. When i got back 1 of my ovens had totaly glitched out as you can see from the images cant be interacted with :) No idea why this happened, but now im stuck with a "torch oven" that never stop burning ;)


Forever burning :P 


Another thing i noticed while saling is that my ylandium torches seem to light up the entire seafloor, i have no idea if this is intended or not but here is a screenshot to show you what i mean.


The animal glitches i am sure you are working on but just to be sure il report what i found anyway :) 

Killed a sleeping puma mid day and i heard the sword hit him and he fell over but i was unable to gut him and the ZZZzzzZZz signs never disappered.


Mutated Leopard sleeping mid day (never found a cave on this island eigther) Seemed weird.


When i am gutting animals or doing other things that require me to hold down the mouse key, the progressbar seem to glitch out sometimes but the animation still keeps on going.


Map glitch blue squareish thing you see at the bottom of the island:


These next 3 images is kinda the same thing but i just wanted to point it out because it seems kinda weird.

I was flying too this polar island from my boat and decided to fly high to get a good birdseye view of it. Then i got the freezing sign which is fair enough since i flew towards it tought that was the reason:


When i went down (same exact spot) i did not freeze:


When i stood on the highest point in this island i did not freeze eigther?!?


Another random thing i noticed is that a polar bear takes 3 hits to kill with my mastercrafted ylandium sword which is fair enough, but is it really inteded? Since i 1 hit everything else, brown bear, pumas, rabbits any animals i find in caves etc. Everything basicly, expect for the ostrich for some weird reason takes 2 hits to kill :P  Maybe a ostrich is more thick skinned that a brown bear and demon leopards? ;) Seems unbalanced to me atleast, but i dont really care as long as the parrot gets more HP! :P 

Sorry for the lengthy post but i just wanted to let you guys\girls know about these "finds", keep up the good work! :) 



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There are definitely some things that need tweaking/fixing on our side - thanks a lot for the cool feedback! :)

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The higher you go the colder it gets ;) i already found that out the hard way :P 


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