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Hello Dev Team.

I recently found out about this game and because of that I wanted to try the free Trial. So I decided to create an Account, and download the free trial game. I opened the installer, which had no problems to install the Launcher. But when I logged in at the launcher itself, it failed downloading the Assets. The Error was: 





Could you please help me or fix that? (I allready tryed to reinstall the game, but it didnt work)


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Hi, can you please send us launcher logs? You will find them under C:\Users\<your_username>\AppData\Local\YlandsLauncher. You will find two log files in the folder - please send us both. You can attach files here on the forums.

I tried reinstalling my Ylands copy and redownloading the whole game with no issues. Once we get your log files, we will look into it ASAP and should be able to see where the issue lies. Thanks!

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