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[Feedback] 20 Hour Playtime


Hello there!

I'm Samuel and i just want to share my game experience with you. I have a very small playtime (20 Hours) and finally reached the "endgame". The Game is impressiv, its fun and not as buggy as i expected. 

I'm gonna list my Pro & Contra in very short terms. My english is very bad so, already sorry for that.


1. Terraforming is very buggy and not fun. 

1.1 Flattening does not work that good atm, tried to make a cellar with Clay Blocks but the Dirt glitches into the cellar and trough the wall and so on. Sure its not that easy to make it work like we would wish to.

1.2 Miningbehavior feels strange, sometimes you "mine" a very big space and afterwards not a single voxel. Maybe a result of desync.

2. Worldgeneration is bad. Without the option to change some generation behaviors this will break my interest very soon.

2.1 I hate "Automatically generated Structures" and the "Loot Boxes" the most. 

2.2 I would like to change the Map-Size to A. Unlimited or 40+ Ylands. (Yeah thats a Performance Thingy i know why its "limited".)

2.3 I would like to have the Ore-Patches mostly in the ground and very rare but very rich. (Opinionthingy, thats why i need a custom generation).

3. (Maybe not your Issue) Desync. After 15 Hours Coop i died to "clipping" - "glitching" animals, trough walls and trough tree's. I didnt hit a single hit with the spear yet.  Our Current Bandwidth is 1.8Mbits and we sit next to each other. (Sure its still Internet-delay)

4. (Not that big Issue) Useless Cosmetics (Opinionthingy since you focus on both Exploring and Custom Games its fine i think)

5. Crafting Search sucks hard.



1. Very sweet graphic's and good Voxel Generation/Sprites (Example Picture)

1.1 Good Atmospheric design style -> Cave's are really spooky. The Ocean is very "Heavy" as Wooden Rift.

1.2 Animals are fancy too.

1.3 Overall all Items/Workstations are very good.

2. Craftingsystem is really good for a "click-craft" mechanic.

3. Blueprint system with the camera is a great idea.

4. Its fun!

5. Book's with real content are awesome.

6. You could basically do everything you want.

7. Researchsystem is really good. The "Key-Items" helps too.



1. I would like to have more deepth, actually its really good for the start, even as DLC its okay. (With the kiln etc.)

2. Modding Support. Everygame benefits from it. Some games are only still alive because of it.

3. Community Discord, i've read a bunch about you talk about it but that was 2017. It feels much better to talk to a person live than with a great downtime.

Sure its much more work for you or you're community manager but as customer its an awesome feature.

4. Backpacks

5. Remake or Improve some Animations, a bunch of it glitches or looks very bad for the situation.


Overall its a very good game for an Alpha Stage and i hope i see more great Updates.


PS: Your "Not-A-Robot" buggs.






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  ummm i  been playing  ylands for   way more than 20 hours  ( and nowhere like as much as  many other players) ....and  have not seen any   endgame.... ?

However your  comments  are good.  The  game  is still  Alpha, and  developing and a lot of  what you suggest  would enhance the game  more.

The updates   keep coming ..and   so  will the game  grow.

Rome wasn't  built in a day ..( it took 25  hours:D)

we need to take the  whips to the BI development team to get all these  suggestions  into the  game O.o


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2 hours ago, kimbuck said:


"Endgame" is a common term meaning, amongst other things, that the player has the best armour in the game, the best tools and weapons, and access to all the types of resources that are available.

it is not the same as "end of the game". ;)

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Thanks for the feedback! It's always welcome :)

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