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"Change Role" option on player death causes corpse to not despawn

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I wasn't sure whether to put this one in the general or editor bugs section, but I encountered it in the Editor, so here it is.

In my scenario, I have 2 player roles.  While testing, I fell (jumped; I was testing something) from a high point and died from the fall.  I was offered the option to change roles.  I decided to try it and see what happened.

This is what I respawned to see:


It was a little gruesome watching my own ragdoll corpse thrash around due to the collision with the stone on top of it.


Aside from reporting the bug, I also have a request:  Remove "Change Role" as an automatic option on player death.  Let us set an option when we create the scenario, or better yet, just let us build it if we want it, since we have Custom UI to do it.  It's bugged and could easily break a game design.  Just take it out.




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Yes, please remove the "change role" upon death, or at least let us CB oose whether we want it enable or disable. Currently I'm working on a game, and I'm forced to make my own role system with custom UI, because I don't want player to change role during a match. 

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