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Hey there Ylanders! 

Hoping you’re enjoying the new update, but we’re already off preparing 1.2 😊 And with this update, our aim is for Creators to be able to create the ultimate RPG game or Medieval/Fantasy themed game. There, of course, are other great things coming in this next update, but our designers have been working on some really cool compositions, some original and some taken from our earlier ventures (veterans might notice some assets from our Gold Rush map 😉), that you’ll now be able to use in your own games to give them the right ‘medieval’ look. 

image (14).png

These are not, of course, meant to supplement your own creations, but it will give beginning creators more time to concentrate on the script and less time building Cathedrals and Castles and for advanced Creators some nice bits and pieces to complement their own creativity. A beginner will then be able to open up, for instance, the RPG template and change stuff around, add a few new compositions and of they roll 😁

image (13).png

But this won’t be the only place you’ll find these majestic structures. With the new update, while you’re exploring, these compositions will also start popping up in your Exploration maps full of new dangers and new loot to enjoy. Exploration will get quite the boost in random encounters (which we’ll talk about later on too 😉 ) and a lot of them will be based on these compositions, so prepare to explore old rusty ruins and well-manned castles 😊


And that’s it for now Ylanders, so have fun, but most importantly,  

stay classy! 

image (12).png

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