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Naru's Corner #1 - Terrain Generator

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Hey there Ylanders!

It’s me, Naru, your friendly neighbourhood Designer! As we promised, we are bringing you the first of many Naru’s Corners. Each week we’ll bring you an interesting feature I’m working on and I’ll explain in a nifty Let’s Play Video or in written form how to tackle it, so you can be an Editor Wizard in no time!

And first up I decided to show off one of my favourite contraptions, the terrain generator. This little guy is capable of scanning the surrounding area and with the help of ray casting project that terrain on a surface of your choice. You can make it look like rods, or a military hologram or a nice colourful projection, it is up to you. I have recorded (a pretty hefty 40 minute ? ) Let’s Play, so hopefully,that’ll explain most of it, but if you are at a loss, don’t hesitate to hit me up and I’ll try and help you out ? But the video should do it.

So have fun with it and I’m looking forward to bringing my next invention in two weeks’ time ?
So, until then, stay classy Ylanders.

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Oh my Jesus, 40 min? 

Give me a pack of beers and some cigarrets ?? you kinda gave me a new reason to play ylands again (yes, I stopped playing it, but everyday I check forum to see what's going on). 

Like you said, this can be used to indicate treasure locations, etc etc. 

Thanks for this. Excited to see what new stuff you come up with. 

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