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Finding Pivot Point for creating curved wall

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Hoping someone will be able to help me figure this out.
I've been trying to work out how to create a smooth curved wall by duplicating my blocks and simply changing their Y coordinate so that they spin perfectly on their pivot point. My trouble is finding exactly where to place the pivot point.
Here are some pictures of what I'm trying to do. 2105037483_CurvedWall.thumb.png.594bbdf4d2a457823a7255cc5cd92867.pngI've managed to create this curved wall just fine, I don't know if I just got lucky with the pivot point placement.
But now I'm having trouble creating a "reverse" curve, if that makes sense? The blocks don't line up properly making it look very jagged and I'm guessing it's because my pivot point is not 100%. Any suggestions on how to overcome this issue?

Interior Curve.png

Pivot Point.png

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I generally just guess where the pivot should be and then move it later if it isn't working right 😅

Rather than using the pivot point of the group (great idea of using groups and the y rotation value btw), I tend to use a game logic (or matchstick) to set my pivot point. That way, I have a visual of where it is and can move it super easily. (When you Ctrl+click to select the pivot point object last, and then rotate, it will rotate all the selected objects around that point.)

Spyler has a video showing this and also moving the block/pivot point when it isn't in the right spot:

I don't see your reverse curve as jagged (although if you want a smoother curve, you can try shorter blocks). If you want it to be wider so the blocks don't overlap, you can start with 2 groups, rotate one group 180 degrees, move it to where you want it, and then mathematically average the two positions to find where your pivot point should be.

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Thanks for the tips! This helped somewhat, I did manage to get it looking smoother but there is still a noticeable lip. It looks like the pivot point has to be exactly the same distance away as the structure is long which is annoying because this would make the curved wall have a massive diameter when I'm looking for a tight curve

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