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Dishonored Build- Addermire Institute

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Hi guys!

I've been having another binge-session playing Dishonored 2 for yet another unhealthy duration! For those of you who know me, you know what that means! Yes! It's another build project based around a particular structure in Dishonored! This time, I am pleased to show you my current work in progress! For your pleasure, I present the Addermire Institute!


Project Concept art.

This Build is particularly challenging owing to the fact that a lot of its floor plan is orientated in approximately 45 Degree angles from each other. As you can imagine, this requires a heck of a lot of block orientation clicking in order to ensure that it all fits together seamlessly! On a positive note, due to its rather repetitive design, I was able to copy/paste wall segments. This has enabled me to lay the skeletal framework very quickly. I would very much like to capture this project as a blueprint to build in Exploration Mode someday, So every block can be legitimately acquired in the game. I am also attempting to maintain a high degree of detail whilst keeping the block count at a minimum in order to ensure adequate game performance.


Entrance View

Once the basic external shell is complete, I will begin work on the insides. I already have a large, grand entrance hall which will lead to a number of rooms on each wing. It is my ultimate goal to construct this monument on my little home-spawn island in Exploration. The building will function as a Headquarters for my faction (The Flintlock Trading Company). I will attempt to build some sort of Faction Meeting hall that takes inspiration from Westminster Palace Parliament. I will also have a number of small rooms that will function as offices for my Faction moderators and individuals of importance.


Above View

In short, I am very pleased with how far this project has developed over such as small period of time. This means that my talent for errors has faded, or I have absolutely no life whatsoever! I look forward to posting updates on this thread and maybe even welcome a few of you to view it in person upon its completion (That is presuming of course I don't crash my game whilst attempting to blueprint this sucker!)

As always, I'd love to hear/see your feedback, thanks for your appreciation!


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Great work that promises an impressive build!

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Update! I've started work on the interior. First off, as promised, here's a basic concept on my Faction Guild Hall chamber. I've modelled it off of the House of Commons in Westminster Palace, London.


View of the Chamber from the upper gallery.



View from the main benches at night. -Lighting test.

As stated before, this chamber will serve as a primary meeting venue for my Faction's members and associates. I plan to change the throne into a speakers podium closer to completion! The ceiling will be intricately detailed with colored glass windows which should give the appearance of a mural. Enjoy!

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