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Animals on Ships


I know Ales said something on a live stream about in the future being able to summon/unsummon animals as a solution for  not being able to properly transport animals on ships. So i came up with an idea for making this a more interesting mechanic (in my opinion).

Instead of just taming an animal and then being able to summon/unsummon it anywhere, what about some kind of cages that you can craft, so whenever you want to take an animal on your ship you have to put it in that cage and then put the cage on the ship. This way making them take some physical space and also making it more interesting. Also could allow for things like trading those animals between regions.

I hope what im saying does makes any sense to you lol, tried to explain it as best as i could. :D

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I suggested a "leash" tool. Sort of like a demo hammer but for tamed animals. They could maybe go in inventory until you unleash them. 


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