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Aleš Ulm

Dev Diary #220 Those tiny, annoying things...

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Hey there, fellow Ylanders!

Most of the features and tweaks and fixes you find in Ylands' updates do come from your feedback. However - we are players as well. And we play Ylands as well. And yes, from time to time we too get angry and frustrated by what we experience.




Some time ago we had an internal poll where we asked the team what small, easy to fix things annoy them the most. Because those are minor issues that shouldn't take that long to fix or implement, you will very likely see some of them fixed in the next update. So, here are some examples of what the devs themselves put on that list:

  • Show particle/visual effect on workstation while something is being crafted in it
  • When I travel into a new Yland, spawn the ship in the 'free-to-travel' zone instead of outside of it so that I can change my mind and immediately travel elsewhere without needing to turn the ship around and sail into the travel zone again.
  • Be able to light a torch in hand without going to inventory
  • Button to dismiss all "NEW" notifications from crafting 
  • Allow players to change weapons when reloading (crossbow or any weapon). Often I'm stuck reloading when I want to fight.
  • Make it more obvious that the player is receiving damage

Do some of those annoy you as well? Are there other things that you think could be easy to change but would make a difference?

Next week we can talk about any ideas you throw at us. Until then stay healthy and classy!

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One minor annoyance for me is the enemies seem a lot less aggressive than they used to. Sometimes it takes a couple minutes before they decide to attack when you have been spotted by them. I've danced around several animals and NPCs just waiting for them to respond.

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Needing the compass equipped while on land.  It would be nice if it was enabled just having it in your inventory.

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Some tiny things i would like to mention are:

1 - Some inventory icons for some material are very similar between each other, for example Zirconium Ingot and Iron Ingot; Resin and Porous Sponge; Sandstone chunk and Sulphur chunk, stuff like that.

2 - The character can't move while he is igniting the shark repellent flare. 😡

3 - Most of the default keybindings:
     For example, when i use a gun it aim down sight when i want to pick up something from the ground (right click for pick up). On land you press SHIFT and the character do a roll (good) but on water if you press SHIFT he goes down, and if you want to perform the dodge/move ability you need to press CONTROL instead.

4 - Iron blocks looks like wood. 🤣

5 - When i'm building a ship if i change between blocks with K or L it no longer allow me to keep building, i need to leave building system and select the block i want in order to keep building (maybe a bug).

6 - ENERGY: Lights should be like the DISPLAY BLOCK that allow you to connect it and also pass electricity (input + output in the same node), so we can connect lights between each other (serial connection) (keep consuming 1 energy each), most of the time you need to put a lot of splitters in order to install a few lights.

7 - Have a tag or a frame or a tiny icon or a background color or something for items that are TOOLS (in inventory, and in crafting requirement), i have seen a few friend making like 20 SEWING KITs for example, because they thought it was an ingredient
(i did it too LOL).

8 - Maybe a way to control the speed of vehicles? kinda like the ships (2 speeds). (Maybe this is a bit picky but i will leave it here) 😄

9 - The Propeller Pack is so OP, for pve and for pvp, maybe add a fuel system to it and make it if you shoot and hit the player or the Propeller pack (not sure) it add heat to it heat system, or make it more expensive to craft or something. 🤔

10 - I tried to carry a car in a ship i made with a cool ramp and everything, but i couldn't, the car don't want to stay on the ship. (but maybe this is pretty hard to change)

11 - In the blacksmith forge we can have more than 160 different items, can we have a collapsible category system? so we can have a better navegation

Thank you




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