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Aleš Ulm

Dedicated Server FAQ

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Let's be honest here, the old dedicated servers didn't work that well. That's why @Baz Foobar stopped hosting.  

And why I started. I was happy just playing on a server. Foobar tapoed out so I moved over to P1 and did admin there for almost two years.

Now I host my own locally and on BI. I will likely have a Nitrado server also when they come online.

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I understand the fact why a game developer needs to make money, but the argument "Minecraft has official servers" is obsolete since Mojang also offers dedicated servers for Minecraft. It's just the fact that "money is more important than player opinion". Why not simply offer both? The BETA of Dedicated Server went very well, I found a few small bugs that wouldn't have limited the fun of the game and despite private hosting many players would use providers because it's easier.

So both would be secured? Money through income from hosting and players could if desired set up their own servers.

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