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2.0 Adventure Awaits - Changelog

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Get immersed into the world of Ylands even more! Now your character can write a diary for you to read while you explore the history and curiosities of the Classy Adventurers Guild. Also if you ever lacked a sense of direction, this is over too as events and tasks will help you to dive in the complexity of Ylands easily.

Story ylands
With a great handbook comes a great Story yland, first from many. Let's find out what new and exciting adventures are waiting for you!

Updated tutorial
Way smoother experience for new players. Handbook helps to guide you and the whole tutorial is more straightforward, which ensures smooth start for any newcomer out there. So, don't be afraid to invite your friends!

Sailing on wind
We are always thinking how to make sailing even more fun and today we are introducing wind currents. If you catch the wind, you will be rewarded. If not, well, nothing really changes for you.

Asset & Crafting revision
Crafting was made much easier to understand as many midway products or food pieces were made optional, some unnecessary objects (looking at you Wood Pulp) even obsoleted and many resources merged together like Seashells, Healing Herbs, Fabric Plants... Some previously not quite useful things like Cobalt are now much more viable and necessary. Not only that, crafting tree was polished in a way that recipes should now unlock much more intuitively, were split to workstations and balanced to tiers to make sense with the new combat balance. Along with some new inventory containers and resource packages, both crafting and inventory should be easier to manage.

Animals, plants and resources are now even more bound to their biomes that they were before to give much more unique feeling for each biome.

Cut Down Plant Interaction
As the plants were one of the most problematic inventory-flooders, they now yield a resource directly upon picking up. If you want to get the plant itself for seeds or just decoration, grab a knife and cut the plant whole.

Combat Improvements
Combat finally got some necessary focus. Both the damage mathematics, the AI and mechanics behind it got some love. Thus, new balancing and new combat experience came to be. With new stamina system, you can sprint, but no longer spam dodge. AI is more responsive, has less blind spots and its special attacks have more impact. Along with new combat balancing, you will encounter much more often various damage types, now merged to Physical, Physical Ranged, Fire, Cold and Energy. Not only enemies can use those elements against you, but when you utilize them, you might get an advantage in caves and encounters. Both weapons and armor sets were looked into as well to match the new balancing.

Main menu
The new main menu will no longer make you wonder what kind of a game Ylands is. Ylands is Adventure.

Travel from anywhere in Exploration
Sailing to the edge of the map so you can travel to the next yland was cool stuff, right? You can feel the adventure in your veins! Water splashing, the soundtrack playing all around, fish vibing, sun shining and other cool Ylands stuff that we all love, but only if you don't have to. We say no more sailing to the end of the world! Now all you need to do is get on your ship and choose the destination. 

Terrain generation improvement
It is quite a complex task to generate so many ylands, so there will be always stuff to improve. Today we introduce more diversity and picturesque of individual ylands and bays, especially in terms of size and embossing. Also, improved textures on mountains, and a bit higher sea bottom levels.

Better UX
There are also several UX adjustments. MP/SP ylands color is more distinguishable now, the total count of Exploration points is much easier to find.  We also make new MP maps hidden from the public by default so nobody else can join your game with friends.

Loading optimization
We did several optimizations so the loading times are much shorter. Yay!

Fishing on the boat
Getting hungry in the middle of the sea is a bummer. Not so much if you have a rod, but still, the need to lower the anchor, which obviously spooked all the nearby fish was even bummer-er. The solution is easy! Now you can fish from aboard a moving boat or ship!

Recipe bundles
It is fun to grind and earn your recipes, but it is also nice to do as you please, right? Now you can get new cosmetics recipes wrapped up in thematic bundles. Of course, they can still be found in the game, but if you do buy it, you will keep it for that account forever. Yes, even if you restart your progress.

Terrain generation UI for Sandbox and Editor
You can now choose what type of yland you want to generate for your Sandbox game. Handy, right?

Random Encounters
We added 33 new REs, mainly for Tropical Biome (but not only there). Ancient Temples and Ruins are guarded by traps and living stones. With courage, try to find out, how many various elemental spirits are dwelling in those ruins.

Audio Occlusion
New sound occlusion is a feature that simulates a sound being blocked by an obstacle - either terrain or building blocks. Thus every sound originating behind an obstacle will be more or less quieter and muffled for the player.

Key bindings
We've updated the keybinding system to be more easily navigable and user-friendly. Aside from implementing a better hotkey conflict system, we've split the Editor and the Visual Scripting categories into subcategories and added a variety of new keybinding options for them. You can explore these changes in the Controls tab in your game settings.

Editor: Script Explorer
Document switcher is a whole new tool in Visual Scripting, which allows you to browse through all script canvases and freely switch between them. There are also some new options to search for a tile and its occurrence across the whole scenario, which should make your life a bit easier as well. In addition, it is now possible to open up Visual Scripting canvas from the Tool Menu.

Editor VS: Multi-Canvas
Yet another new tool! Organizational one, that allows you to split a script of one object in multiple sub canvases. The canvases are organized into tabs on the Visual Scripting tool bar. This allows for great reduction in the amount of objects needed for a complex scenario and helps to shrink size of each individual canvas.

Editor: Improvements
Various improvements and fixes of the Editor and Visual Scripting, including:

  • Storages can now be attached directly from Object properties in a similar manner to Labels.
  • "Entity type" catalogue button was added to the non-referenced property window.
  • "Get variable" now can show literal tiles. These can be dragged out and used in the script.
  • "Get/Set skin color/type" and "Get/Set hair color/type" tiles were added. They work with NPCs only.
  • Custom Enum can now be created in any entity or game logic object, not only in the Global storage.
  • Array of enums can now be generated from the Enum type enumerable.
  • Light Logic and Path Logic can now be spawned or deleted from scripts while playing the game.
  • New "Get Switched On <entity>" tile was added. It returns the switch state of entities like levers, buttons etc.
  • New "Color to hex <color>" tile was added. It returns color in "#rrggbbaa" format. In addition, "Hex to color <string>" tile was also added. It returns the color written as a string.
  • Custom editor tools: More script tiles and functions are useful especially when building your own tools.

Postponed: Smoother camera movement 
We were almost there. All the prototypes were really promising. But we couldn't make it work in all the situations in that we needed it. There is still a lot of work ahead of us. But we are almost there. Watch changelogs in future updates for this feature. We apologize and will release it as soon as possible.



Stone Chunk Package
Sandstone Chunk Package
Marble Chunk Package
Glass Package
Stick Package
Set of Algimer Letters, Symbols and Numbers
Ammo Belt
Lunch Box
Electro Staff
Chargespun Shotgun
Molten Axe
Firecaster Crossbow
Krilleater Repeater
Spectral Dagger
Fruit Salad
Healing Herb
Fiber Plant
Grain Ear
Alien Leather Scraps
Mad Marine Armor set
Iron Armor set
Alien Hazard Suit set
Alien Heavy Scaphander set
Cultist Clothes set
Green Seashell
Red Seashell
Blue Seashell


Ocean Spirit
Sun Spirit
Thunder Spirit
Stone Guardian


Ancient Stone Tablets
Glowing Stone Tablets
Removed from Crafting Tree


Wood Pulp
Cactus Needle
All seashells


Sewing Kit
Spinning Wheel
Casting Mold
Tesla Coil Parts
Wind Turbine Blades
Bow Drill
Soldering Iron
Lab Burner
Vacuum Tube
Large Steel Tube
Large Steel Rod
Round Steel Rod
Magnifying Glass
Glass Blowing Pipe
Energy Regulator
Melon pieces
Carrot Pieces
Bread Pieces
Pizza Pieces
Meat Slices
Pineapple Pieces
Nautilus Dish
Sea Slug Soup
Baked Catfish
Electric Nuggets
Sea Devil Fillet
Pumpkin Soup
Bread Soup
French Fries
Hawaii Pizza
Pumpkin Pie
Cassava Cake
Berry Pie
Vanilla Cake
Gelatin Dessert
Coconut Drink
Bamboo Sallad


[YLD-34982] Added: You can now send clan invites even to people who are offline at the moment.
[YLD-35439] Added: The ability to ban players from sending chat messages.
[YLD-36850] Added: Range indicator system when building entities with ranged properties in game or in genesys.
[YLD-41904] Added: You can now do fishing even when sailing on a boat/ship.
[YLD-42602] Added: Gizmos indicating edges of area when selecting using the Blueprint Camera in game.
[YLD-43179] Added: Get max stack count <entity type> script tile.
[YLD-43318] Added: Command that hosts or server owners can use to remove PB leftover entities.
[YLD-44139] Added: Coyn pictures for new coyn packages from the previous update.

[YLD-21209] Added: Editor: You can now attach Entity/Game logic storages in object properties and set up their values.
[YLD-42023] Added: Editor: You can now use Light and Path Game Logic objects in Game logic template.
[YLD-42027] Added: Editor: Open Visual Scripting Window button to top toolbar.
[YLD-43269] Added: Editor: Explorer: Search in Object type option.

[YLD-41792] Added: VS: You can now see variable type in its context menu. (useful mostly for Event variables).
[YLD-41970] Added: VS: Set skin color tile for NPCs.
[YLD-41976] Added: VS: Set hair color script tile for NPCs.
[YLD-41979] Added: VS: Set head type script tile for NPCs.
[YLD-41980] Added: VS: Set hair type script tile for NPCs.
[YLD-41988] Added: VS: You can now add Custom enum in any script.
[YLD-42030] Added: VS: Search usages to RMB context menu of script tiles.
[YLD-42326] Added: VS: Logging script errors for client and Custom controller's scripts.
[YLD-42638] Added: VS: Get block types <material> <shape> <size>, Get block material/shape/size script tiles.
[YLD-42762] Added: VS: You can now reorder custom variables/functions in menu palette.
[YLD-43070] Added: VS: Hide bubble script tile.
[YLD-43126] Added: VS: Camera Fade In/Fade Out script tiles have now additional argument "Time".
[YLD-43148] Added: VS: On deposit/withdraw (to/from container) events.
[YLD-43181] Added: VS: On Construction Mode Enter/Exit events.
[YLD-43181] Added: VS: Get in construction mode <vehicle> script tile.
[YLD-43285] Added: VS: Color to hex and Hex to color script tiles.
[YLD-44488] Added: VS: Client Event listener: On Loaded Camera Faded In/Out.

[YLD-40740] Added: Custom tools: Executed custom tool's script now have their own log_userscript_ct.txt log file.
[YLD-42623] Added: Custom tools: Set/get animated script tile.

Added: Recipe for pumpkin seed.
Added: Blueprint camera now has always visible corner indicators when capturing BP in game.
Added: Baits, tesla coil and oxygen harvester now show its range indicator when you place them both in editor and in game.
Added: Chests as a reward in the caves.
Added: New maps in creative mode on mobile.

[YLD-43176] Removed: VS: Show next/previous form RMB context menu.

Removed: Three Mystery ylands are still out of order - Far reaches, Seagull relay and Ysla Vulcana.

IMPORTANT: As a result of the technical changes to the AI, we have reset custom damage values on all existing animals to defaults, so if creators want non-standard animal damage, they need to set their own values again. 

[YLD-42949] Tweaked: Video setting weather quality option off is removed. Anyone with weather set to off will have it changed to low.
[YLD-43206] Tweaked: Placing positions of ships with construction mode.
[YLD-43240] Tweaked: Chat API: In cases where the same notification was sent to multiple players (such as a notification that you've started a game or went online), we used to create one notification per player. Now the game uses only one request for these cases, removing quite a lot of network overhead, especially for players with a lot of friends.

[YLD-16271] Tweaked: Editor: You can now hide vehicles with Num 6.
[YLD-41480] Tweaked: Editor: Grid lock is now on by default in new maps.
[YLD-42070] Tweaked: Editor: Selecting group's object in Object Explorer will now show properties for that object (not for its parent).
[YLD-42540] Tweaked: Editor: Recolor tool colors are now stored in save file.
[YLD-42709] Tweaked: Editor: Groups expand/collapse state is now saved with the game.
[YLD-43177] Tweaked: Editor: Removed "sort by Id" from Object Explorer.
[YLD-43202] Tweaked: Editor: Event listener: if you set Target entity to another one which does not support current listened Event then clear that event from the list.
[YLD-43343] Tweaked: Editor: You do not need to own DLC to create Archipelago type of maps.

[YLD-41832] Tweaked: VS: You can now delete Entity label.
[YLD-41978] Tweaked: VS: Removed literals from Event category in Event listener's scripts.
[YLD-43175] Tweaked: VS: Default value for Bool literal is now false. (instead of true).
[YLD-43802] Tweaked: VS: previous/next script switching behavior.

Tweaked: Bumped the height from which the windy ambient sound for tops of hills can be heard.
Tweaked: Golden Idols, Golden Chalice,  Old Coins can go to Gold Pouch now.
Tweaked: Temperature stats for Iron Armor.
Tweaked: Package of Gold now available for players.
Tweaked: Potion of speed speed bonus lowered from 150% to 15%.
Tweaked: Each workstation should unlock together with at least one recipe it is used for.
Tweaked: RE recipe rewards rebalance according to combat balancing.
Tweaked: All animals will be healed to their Max HP upon first load of saves from previous versions.
Tweaked: Sandstone yielding rocks renamed to Sandstone Rocks.
Tweaked: Chimera has a shorter land animation and correct names for step events.
Tweaked: Rebalanced recipes and slots for containers.
Tweaked: Car parts and ship parts sorted according their types.
Tweaked: Recipes for Primitive Ship parts made easier.
Tweaked: Hay has been obsoleted in Adventure mode.
Tweaked: Plant inventory variants now extracted from plants with a knife.
Tweaked: Discovery fields of blocks, tablets, clothes and armors recipes now more consistent.
Tweaked: Shears can be used also on Camel and Woolly Rhino, Milking Bucket also on Sheep, Horse and Camel.
Tweaked: Charcoal Kiln renamed to Kiln.
Tweaked: Coal Basket changed to Mineral Basket, can now hold ores, diamonds and coal.
Tweaked: Tree tops no longer drop wooden pieces and bark.
Tweaked: repair hammer now requires wooden nail instead of iron nail so that it's available earlier in the crafting progression.
Tweaked: Reskin of bears fixing twists in front legs and back legs.
Tweaked: All pets now have an override controller for animations - from source controllers Winged Controller and Hover Controller (depending on pet type).
Tweaked: Drops from fishing provide much less various entity types.

Tweaked: Pet Puffer Captain removed twist of tail in Idle to Fly animation.
Tweaked: Pet Hat Pepper polished Idle animation.
Tweaked: Pet Corn Bandit has same Fly length animation in all directions, Glide L has same length as other Glide animations.
Tweaked: Pet Turtle: fixed Wing Flap parameter, Setup of override controller, smoother transitions, longer braking time, halved chance of playing idle variant.
Tweaked: Pet Puffer Captain: Set glide to Wing Flap 0, Setup of override controller, Pet flying higher, added slight movement to tail in idle.
Tweaked: Pet Penguin: Smoother transitions, Fixed Wing Flap parameter, Propeller animated only to 360° for better rotation during transitions, fixed multiple missing loops on various joints, turned on particle on propeller.
Tweaked: Pet Parrot: New Entry animation, shorter Idle variant 03 and 05, smoother transitions.
Tweaked: Pet Owl: fixed Store animation missing Avatar, fixed Wing Flap values (must be 1 to -1), turned off loop in Idle variant 01, shorter Idle variants 01-04, New Entrance animation, turned on looping in Sprint Left and Right, set Sprint animations to correct length (removes short pause in animations), Halt time set to the length of FlyToIdle animation, added missing sounds to Sprint L and R, set Owl to override controller to copy Pet Gryphon resulted in smoother transitions.
Tweaked: Pet Sailorange: Glide animations set to same length, Removed Maya character controllers from model fbx file (was probable cause of jittery movement), set an override controller for sailorange, renamed sprint animations to have same names as rest of animations.
Tweaked: Pet Octopirate: smoother transitions, Idle variant 01 ending now in same pose as idle for better transition.
Tweaked: Pet Hat Pepper: Fixed missing avatar in animations, Glide, GlideL, GlideR have now same lenght, Sprint, SprintL, SprintR have same lenght, longer smoother Entry animation, Smoother IdleToFly animation, smoother transitions.
Tweaked: Pet Gryphon: Shorter idle variant 01, smoother transitions, flying higher and a bit farther from player, slightly higher idle variant chance, smoother tail animation in idle.
Tweaked: Pet Ghost Nut: Smoother animation transitions, turned on Wing Flap parameter.
Tweaked: Pet Fruit Knight: Smoother animation transitions, higher level of flying, slightly higher distance from player, new FlyToIdle animation.
Tweaked: Pet Bunny: Smoother animation transitions, flying a bit higher, longer halt duration 1.5 sec. according to animation, bigger particle after teleport.
Tweaked: Pet Firefly: smoother animation transitions, allowed start movement from idle variant, 0,5 sec. longer halt to be in sync with animation.
Tweaked: Pet Fairy: new longer entry animation, fixed missing Wing Flap parameter, smoother transitions, 1 sec. longer slow down, pink color of particle, shorter idle variant 02 so the pet won't get stuck in it.
Tweaked: Pet Elephant: Smoother animation transitions, allowed short glide animation, added trumpet sound after teleport.
Tweaked: Balance of Guardian and Mark I armor sets, Jötunns and alien animals.
Tweaked: Pet Dragon; Added Entry animation to controller, Tweaked transitions to be more fluent, fixed wing and hand clipping in store.

Tweaked: Noticeboard, you can now access all our social media in one place (discord, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook).
Tweaked: Teleporting an AI agent will also update their wander/stand behavior to be centered on the new position.

[YLD-16456] Fixed: Build range will now work on ships as well.
[YLD-29870] Fixed: HUD mouse HOLD indicator will now check if the action will be done in single click (but possibly over some time) instead of checking for instant actions.
[YLD-37301] Fixed: Tamed mutated monsters from surface are lost during day.
[YLD-39382] Fixed: FPS camera setting isn't persistent.
[YLD-40737] Fixed: Sleeping: Host and client can bypass sleeping GUI while in the map.
[YLD-41312] Fixed: Crafting recipes inside the crafting tree on mobile should no longer overlap.
[YLD-41441] Fixed: Custom tools: deleting selected objects does not delete selection boxes.
[YLD-41649] Fixed: Error popup regarding number of tags when uploading or editing blueprint incorrectly has a body string in header.
[YLD-41695] Fixed: Window mode: mouse wheel works even if mouse cursor is not over Ylands window.
[YLD-41723] Fixed: Placing vehicles in grid does not work in editor.
[YLD-41795] Fixed: Switching variants in editor.
[YLD-41817] Fixed: If blueprint have only items materials tab is selected incorrectly.
[YLD-41831] Fixed: Notification about glow is present even for items that have glow by default.
[YLD-41857] Fixed: Focusing does not work correctly near 0, 0, 0.
[YLD-41989] Fixed: Exception when opening 3D preview of Creator Blueprint containing a Car.
[YLD-42042] Fixed: Drag-and-dropping a costume into a container or into the player's vicinity no longer throws an exception.
[YLD-42193] Fixed: Custom tools: Confirm changes ignores changes made on newly created objects by a custom tool.
[YLD-42268] Fixed: Incorrect error when uploading too expensive blueprints.
[YLD-42331] Fixed: Moved Pet Gryphon sound events to match the wing flaps.
[YLD-42332] Fixed: Pet Bunny and Pet Turtle have wing flap sounds doubled after sprint.
[YLD-43063] Fixed: Loading Screen does not show any progress or information about downloading data during loads of Mystery Ylands or mobile Adventure games.
[YLD-43837] Fixed: Random Encounters "Deserter Encampment" and "Atlantean Ruins 1" spawning partially underground.
[YLD-8582] Fixed: NOT logic gate will now show current network usage when using linker similar to generators.

[YLD-26020] Fixed: VS: Count with/for each variable name can be wrong if the tile was dragged from palette.
[YLD-40568] Fixed: VS: If Can trade is set to false for a player than he is still able to trade with NPCs.
[YLD-40602] Fixed: VS: Sound variables shown in properties window show music files (instead of sounds).
[YLD-41124] Fixed: VS: Local variables defined by count with/for each/events are not deleted when their definition tile is deleted.
[YLD-41381] Fixed: VS: Despawn does not work in sinking ships.
[YLD-41743] Fixed: VS: Adding get/set game set variables does not work with CTRL+2xLMB.
[YLD-42011] Fixed: VS: Using custom enums in spawned objects by Entity template does not work correctly.
[YLD-42140] Fixed: VS: String literals does not show correctly tag strings (eg. <i>).
[YLD-42219] Fixed: VS: User is not informed when trying to access already destroyed game logic objects.
[YLD-42263] Fixed: VS: Game logic with a script compared to itself returns false.
[YLD-42358] Fixed: VS: It is not possible to copy Event tiles between 2 objects.
[YLD-42516] Fixed: VS: Referencing actions from the map with more than 1 Custom controls game logic does not work.
[YLD-43289] Fixed: VS: Entity storage game logic: "On awake" is not triggered.
[YLD-43589] Fixed: VS: Updating Global storages when placing their newer version with blueprint did not work correctly.
[YLD-43731] Fixed: VS: Storage owner does not work correctly for Game Logic Storages.
[YLD-44271] Fixed: VS: Show bubble shows text in chat with unnecessary ":".
[YLD-44271] Fixed: VS: Show bubble text's is not shown in player's chat messages.
[YLD-40158] Fixed: VS: Public variables with same public name are not displayed separately in object properties.

[YLD-33750] Fixed: Editor: Skills: Default length of Upper body/Full body animation is shorter than actual length of those animations.
[YLD-39522] Fixed: Editor: Changing alpha of particles with custom colors on entities reverts them to default.
[YLD-39703] Fixed: Editor: Deleting exported Script module as part of group does not work correctly.
[YLD-39756] Fixed: Editor/On Airtank Depleted event will now trigger in correct order (it triggered before change was completed).
[YLD-41269] Fixed: Editor: Undo does not work for link energy stove with energy generator.
[YLD-41533] Fixed: Editor: Particles can be scaled to infinity by using scaling tool.
[YLD-41609] Fixed: Editor: There is still old term "instruction" instead of "function" in object properties window.
[YLD-41704] Fixed: Editor: There is wrong a cursor after ending MMB panning while another tool is active.
[YLD-41795] Fixed: Editor: Cycling variants of trees when placing does not work correctly.
[YLD-42050] Fixed: Editor: It is possible to Play custom tool which has no On tool start event.
[YLD-42512] Fixed: Editor: Editing texts of existing books causes an error.
[YLD-42536] Fixed: Editor: In some cases painted entities have reverted their color after save/load.
[YLD-42903] Fixed: Editor: You can get "There is not enough space" when placing game logic object.
[YLD-43051] Fixed: Editor: Setting a group as animated can't be reversed with UNDO.
[YLD-43304] Fixed: Editor: Overwriting creator blueprint with changed entity weld does not work correctly.
[YLD-43480] Fixed: Editor: It is not possible to place blueprints with flowers in pots.
[YLD-44260] Fixed: Editor: Some blueprints can not be placed in editor.

Fixed: Loot table drops according to new balance.
Fixed: Junk ship hull no longer needs iron nails for repair.
Fixed: Custom tools: Write to log in "on tool starts" reverts made changes.
Fixed: Editor: removing obsolete events from Event listener (On pack, On free trapped entity etc.).
Fixed: Typo in text scripting method Date.getUtcData -> getUTCDate.
Fixed: Pet Elephant: parameter Wing Flap was only in half of the animations active.
Fixed: Blueprints with obsolete entities that had their variants removed should be placed with their fallback variant instead of just silently failing to show any error.
Fixed: Fixed a rare serialization bug in exported Universal maps that caused an exception during their load that could result in a broken terrain or level not loading at all. If you encountered an error like this in your Universal scenarios, you will need to export the game again.

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9 hours ago, rihapat said:

Main menu
The new main menu will no longer make you wonder what kind of a game Ylands is. Ylands is Adventure.

Oh, snap. 🔥

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can we please have have the other variants of wicker baskets in the recipe shop aswell?  i do love the new exploring for crafting recipes but some of the blueprints in the  blueprint shop require the now unique stuff like pole runes and letters i did buy the the bundles but im still missing a different variant wicker basket to finish the blueprint and it does not exist in the recipe shop

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45 minutes ago, StarButterToast said:

can we please have have the other variants of wicker baskets in the recipe shop aswell?  i do love the new exploring for crafting recipes but some of the blueprints in the  blueprint shop require the now unique stuff like pole runes and letters i did buy the the bundles but im still missing a different variant wicker basket to finish the blueprint and it does not exist in the recipe shop

I will note that down, thanks for your suggestion :)

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The damage nerf is so bad I shot a bear and I think I healed it?  Also the name for the blue boar on the story ylands has a bugged name and it forced my game to restart and lost all progress on that yland.  two more things the weather option no longer works and the blur that happens as you sail makes it so I have to let go of the wheel so I can see what is in front of me.

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Totally agree with ApexReaper. 

The motion blur should be removable in the video settings. We can't se anything while driving. Also, the curving effect of the landscape at full speed is unbearable.

It feels strange and makes sailing very unpleasant. I don't want to drive my boat anymore because of this. It was better whithout all of those effects. 

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