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  1. StarButterToast

    2.0 Adventure Awaits - Changelog

    can we please have have the other variants of wicker baskets in the recipe shop aswell? i do love the new exploring for crafting recipes but some of the blueprints in the blueprint shop require the now unique stuff like pole runes and letters i did buy the the bundles but im still missing a different variant wicker basket to finish the blueprint and it does not exist in the recipe shop
  2. StarButterToast

    Not Confused Anymore what just happened im confused

    future skins sound awesome so far im having fun with the astro bunny its the cutest and yes i got the early access pets was it the shark and the elephant? for coyns i think yes they did came back also got explorer pack coyns and that seems enough ti shut me up xD
  3. StarButterToast

    Not Confused Anymore what just happened im confused

    on the second thought this is fine i just finding them via encounters is like hunting achievements and pets exist now i just wish theres more of it now how do i mark this topic as (im ok now!) ?
  4. i just got back and i can see alot of stuff happen i see many angry people some i actually understand ylands going free to play its like i can no longer say "HAHA I GOT THIS AWESOME GAME AND YOU DONT" and i am ok with it cause i can say "HAHA i got this special game mode and you dont!" but the weapon skins and armour for me without it. its a disaster i can no longer say "haha! look at me i got the same stuff but cooler!" and that is just wrong i spend coyns for it and it was taken away? no please without it im nothing im not unique anymore i dont wanna play multiplayer anymore without skins im the same like everybody else and for my feelings that aint right its like you gave me a pretty dress and burn it right in front of my face
  5. StarButterToast

    New Ylands GUI

    hello im just wondering if its just me or the game suddenly became too bright after the update?
  6. StarButterToast

    0.8: Meaningful Music (28/03/2018)

    Awesome people wears awesome jackets
  7. StarButterToast

    Dev Diary #31

    kinda breaks my heart ah but if its gonna be even better im sure its worth the wait
  8. StarButterToast

    Dev Diary #31

    It's Monday already is the update there yet? (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
  9. StarButterToast

    already Monday in asia

    Bohemia studio is from Austria is like 4 in the morning in there by now i wish i could make them a morning coffee (。’▽’。)♡
  10. StarButterToast

    already Monday in asia

    Is the update there yet? (*^3^)/~♡
  11. Hello I would love to share the idea of having less inventory slots and to compensate for it we get to wear Backpacks! ♪☆\(^0^\) ♪(/^-^)/☆ Backpack, backpack yaay! A small backpack gives you back 1/4 of your inventory slots A medium backpack gives you back 1/2 of your inventory slots A large backpack gives you back all your inventory slots With less inventory you get to decide critical decisions like what to carry or what's not during an adventure Less inventory also creates a balance for propeller pack as you will get less inventory slots once you wear a propeller pack instead of a backpack Or Live like a hoarder you are, wear a backpack and put another backpack in your hands and walk all the way to cherno! That last one was a joke (´︶`♡)ノ
  12. StarButterToast

    how to lower sensitivity?

    Hello im just wondering how im gonna lower the sensitivity of the stuff when you are rotating or adjusting height in the free place mode? I love arranging stuff and placing them nice and tidy however it's quite difficult when the sensitivity is very high
  13. Hello I'm just suggesting if we could get an option to activate the guidance grid when placing furniture and item Just like when placing blocks I really having quite troubles making my furniture and boxes perfectly allined sometimes I spend more than minutes placing furnitures because they don't look properly in line next to each other It's quite difficult to operate the free placing method specially when your hands is quite shakey I'm one of the people who went crazy when something is out of place like boxes not in same height and position
  14. StarButterToast

    music and soundtrack

    hello i was wondering if we could purchase the ylands soundtrack in the future for steam? i just love the music it makes me so comfortable even in the most dire situation i lust want to listen to all day