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2.1 Sunken Sands - Changelog

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New Story yland is here!

C.A.G. needs your help in the Arid region! Bringing peace, restoring the order and crafting dozens of straw hats, you know casual world saving stuff. As always, the supreme adventurer superstar Horacio Elmwood is looking forward to offering you a helping hand. Visit him at Elmwood's Outpost's ancient library where you saw him the last time and he will tell you more!

Inventory sorting

You asked, we delivered. Test our sorting with by hitting a single button.

Pause the Ylands

Developing the pause was paused for a while but it is finally on! Hit ESC to pause in singleplayer game.

Retain some items after death

Sometimes it can be very frustrating to step into a wrong neighborhood. So some of the most crucial items earned well deserved don't-fall-out-of-an-inventory protection.

Recipes definitions improvements

Unlocking new recipes should be way less overwhelming and will make so much more sense.

New animals - Alpacas, Jackals and Coyotes

Amazing, right?! Btw. did you know that internet claims that Alpacas are thought to have been domesticated more than 6 000 years ago? You should tame one too!

Camera improvements (interpolation)

Let's skip the technicalities and put it like this: Great performance improvement on high-end setups.

Quality of Life improvements: Y2.1 - fog

  • You couldn't see your hands in a fog? Well now you can!
  • Hitting the waves was never so easy. Anchor will automatically rise when the player get in the control of the helm.
  • Feel like selling your vessel for parts? Go for it. Ship hull can be deconstructed now if there is no other device/asset built on the ship.

Mobil UX improvements

  • The picking items area on the Mobile were enlarged.
  • Deconstructing things is now way easier to find.
  • Brand new icons for free camera and the building plan.

Added descriptions for core progression items

We noticed there are missing some important descriptions in inventory/crafting. So we added/changed 150 of them, give or take a few.

Editor: Custom Tools Improvements

  • Custom Tools can be assigned a keybind and played by pressing it.
  • Game Logics of specific type can be spawned.
  • Objects can be focused in the scene via a Custom Tool.
  • An array of objects can be listed in the Object Explorer.
  • External files can be read line by line once the path is selected.
  • Label objects can be referenced in Custom Tools.

Editor: Group Enhancements

  • Groups can contain scripts just like other object types from now on.
  • Added Group Label and Group Storage game logics to complement the already existing Group Template.

Editor: Improvements

Various improvements and fixes of the Editor and Visual Scripting, including:

  • Character limits for various text fields are now set.
  • All enums are now visible in the "Enums" subcategory.
  • Various fixes of the new Document Switcher tool. For example, all variable type tiles are now shown when user searches for "variable".
  • Using cut/paste on a function definition no longer removes function calls of that function in other objects.
  • It is now possible to save blueprint with an Ylandium generator in it.
  • All "entity" categories now display their name correctly.
  • No custom tools now display "Add Script" button while already containing a script.
  • Empty tile slot no longer substitues "NONE". It is now impossible to operate with tiles containing empty slots.
  • Creating new scenario now generates correct terrain type.

🎨 New Assets 🎨


  • Elephant Grass Blade
  • Bronze Hinge
  • Bronze Bow
  • Bronze Crossbow
  • Bronze Hammer
  • Bronze Pick
  • Bronze Saw
  • Obsidian Armor set
  • Crystal Backpack
  • Lightsticks (purple, ghostly and orange)
  • Flint Chunk


  • Elephant Grass Plant


  • Alpaca
  • Emerald Scaleneck (Mythical Alpaca)
  • Jackal
  • Crimsonmane Hellhound (Mythical Jackal)
  • Coyote
  • Praire Ghosthound (Mythical Coyote)


  • Straw Roof Blocks
  • Copper Caster
  • Empty Sarcophagus
  • Primitive Ladder
  • Larger Ship Helms (Old Ship Helms were renamed to Small Ship Helms and new ones are 4 grid long so you can better center them upon ship halls)


  • Iron Chisel is now decorative tool and is no longer used in any recipe.
  • Stone Mortar is now decorative tool and is no longer used in any recipe.
  • Ships and cars (hulls and chassis) can be now deconstructed.
  • Armor no longer slow you down while swimming.
  • Blueprint camera can now use free camera mode similar to building plans.
  • Copper can be found in arid region now, clay was moved to Tropical Caves.
  • Bamboo was moved from tropical to far east (it was replaced by elephant grass).
  • Food was rebalanced with many food recipes moved to optional. The core food recipes were divided into several tiers, each tier dependant on specific workstation (campfire, stove, energy stove). The higher the tier, the better the bonuses.
  • Hunger and saturation values were rebalanced as well. Character can survive for up to three days without food and food saturates the hunger much more efficiently with higher tiers.
  • Piece of metal, piece of gold and glass shards are now only optional recipes and cannot be found casually in world, they were also removed from recipes. They are no longer dropped after breaking items (replaced depending on type of material to stone and ores).
  • Energy items which required copper have changed recipes and require also zirconium stuff (cogs and such) for crafting.
  • Torch is NO longer a weapon, but you can ignite it without inventory just by interaction in hand.
  • Grain can be now placed into herb bag.
  • Stepstones are now craftable.
  • Animal rebalances - Deer should appear only in far east region, jackal appears in far east region and wolf is now only in taiga region (wolf stats were increased a bit), rabbit appears only in temperate region, coyote appears in temperate region, alpaca appears in taiga region, and arctic wolf appears only in polar region.
  • Obsidian Saw recipe is now optional.
  • Young versions of plants will only yield grass now.
  • Algimer Blocks and Algimer Shapes lost their shading (they only have a blank white texture now).
  • Many entities in the Inventory (Crafting and Cube) have now rotated preview so you can better recognize them (ship helms, chests, anchors, sails etc.).
  • Rice and corn now yield grain upon breaking.
  • Spinach and sorrell leaves can no longer be eaten.
  • Any mushroom in recipes was changed to any edible mushroom to make more sense.
  • Ship anchor behavior was changed. When a player grabs a ship helm of an anchored ship and attempts to move forward or backward, anchor is automatically raised up. When there are no players present on the ship, ship anchor automatically drops.
  • Animal drops were rebalanced, also animal drops are now more needed for weapon and armor crafting. going from easiest tropical to polar it is (crab carapace, feather, scales, tooth, horn, magic dust, wool, claw, fur tuft and antler).
  • Seashell Jar was changed Sealife jar and can contain many more entities (f.e.: Tubular Porifera, Kelp Fiber, Coral Pieces, Porous Sponge, Giant Spore, Hard Snail, Anemone Goo, Sea Urchin, Sea Urchin Spine, Oyster)

Additions / Removed

[YLD-35643] Added: New particles during interaction with oxygen harvester.
[YLD-45620] Added: Send feedback button is now present in-game settings as well.

[YLD-43895] Added: Editor: Script support by groups, group label and group storage game logic objects.
[YLD-44784] Added: Editor: Show references to RMB context menu for selection which will show all objects connected with lines to current selection in Object Explorer.
[YLD-44795] Added: Editor: Orbiting camera (alt + RMB hold).
[YLD-45241] Added: Editor: You can now assign key binds to up to 10 custom tools.
[YLD-45262] Added: Editor: "Search object type" option to RMB context menu for single object selection.
[YLD-45432] Added: Editor: Collapse button for descriptions in properties.
[YLD-45443] Added: Editor: Import tool button to Toolbox window.
[YLD-45915] Added: Editor: New set of palette colors to Color picker window which has alpha set to 100% by default (no transparency).
[YLD-46265] Added: Editor: "Show in explorer" button to object lists in properties window. (eg. filter all entities with target label in explorer).

[YLD-43307] Added: VS: Playtest is now prevented when there are obvious errors in script. (eg. using number tile in place where vector is expected).
[YLD-43880] Added: VS: New player event "On damage".
[YLD-44348] Added: VS: Disable Hud script tiles now supports option "Status effect".
[YLD-44488] Added: VS: Client Event listener: On Loaded Camera Faded In/Out.
[YLD-44669] Added: VS: Get widget id script tile. [YLD-44696] Added: VS: You can now disable opening map.
[YLD-44445] Added: VS: Enum to array now works also with custom enums.
[YLD-44733] Added: VS: Get/set price to custom tools.
[YLD-44734] Added: VS: Is <entity type> <class>, Get All Entity Types <class>, Get parent <class>, Gen children <class>.
[YLD-44736] Added: VS: Spawn From Preview tile now can return spawned object.
[YLD-44738] Added: VS: Get object id tile for custom tools.
[YLD-44809] Added: VS: Get/set variables script tiles have now "Show" button in context window if they are used outside of their definition object.

[YLD-44856] Added: VS: Dedicated Server Mode script tile.
[YLD-44938] Added: VS: Delay function to client script. (be aware that save/load will cancel Delay triggered in client script).
[YLD-45196] Added: VS: Send message tile which allows to send messages among objects in the same scope (server/client).
[YLD-45347] Added: VS: Send message to client/server script tile variants accepting arguments as an array.
[YLD-45489] Added: VS: Plus button to empty slots which helps to refill them again.

[YLD-45869] Added: VS: Get/set value of data set working with numbers instead of names of columns/rows.
[YLD-45876] Added: VS: Entity label script tiles to custom tool's scripts.
[YLD-46004] Added: VS: To string <object> script tile.

[YLD-44735] Added: Custom tools: Spawn game logic <game logic type> tile.
[YLD-44737] Added: Custom tools: Focus Object/s script tiles.
[YLD-45253] Added: Custom tools: Overlap sphere/block/capsule tiles with filter on object type.
[YLD-45268] Added: Custom tools: Read all lines from file script tile.
[YLD-45269] Added: Custom tools: Show in Object Explorer <array of objects>.
[YLD-45417] Added: Custom tools: Get/set editor time.
[YLD-45737] Added: Custom tools: Replace equipment script tile.

Added: New resource icons for world map.
Added: Player can now turn off BLUR effect during motion (sailing) in game video options (new option there).
Added: New random encounters for three new mythical animals (alpaca, coyote and jackal).
Added: You can now make doors in Adventure opened counter-clockwise from radial menu.

[YLD-32493] Removed: VS: "Add to label" script tiles which were duplicates for "Attach label" Script tiles.


[YLD-44479] Tweaked: Three quests have suppressed unlock notifications now in order to reduce the visual clutter (they all get unlocked at the same time).
[YLD-44880] Tweaked: Redeem code input field is now a button.
[YLD-44962] Tweaked: PC only blueprints are no longer shown in mobile store.
[YLD-45618] Tweaked: Inventory containers now have an icon in the inventory screen indicating they can be opened.

[YLD-26449] Tweaked: VS: Adding new arguments to binary expressions will now prefill them with literals of correct type.
[YLD-40638] Tweaked: VS: Added missing enums to enum category.
[YLD-42599] Tweaked: VS: List of available script tiles in Controller's script.
[YLD-43884] Tweaked: VS: New "Resistance type" tile added and replaces usage of "Damage type" in Get/Set resistance script tiles.
[YLD-44268] Tweaked: VS: Cut and paste of custom function between 2 objects will now rewire calls of original functions to a new one.
[YLD-44783] Tweaked: VS: When there is error inside Delay function you will now get also info about place from which was the delay function called.
[YLD-44875] Tweaked: VS: When calling function expecting array of items of specific type and you provide array with objects of wrong types then you should get more info in error message now.
[YLD-45548] Tweaked: VS: To prevent unwanted bugs it is now not possible to play test/export game with empty slots in scripts.
[YLD-45566] Tweaked: VS: Script tiles used in Controller GL now do not have "Controller" as argument (only "THIS" script tile was valid there).
[YLD-45617] Tweaked: VS: Individual enum tiles in menu palette now show enum names instead of default value names.
[YLD-45775] Tweaked: VS: Get parent group <object> now supports Group, Entity and Game logic object as argument.
[YLD-45941] Tweaked: VS: Any sound can be now used in Screen shake at script tile.
[YLD-46205] Tweaked: VS: You can set type of local variable to types not available in target scope.

[YLD-44523] Tweaked: Custom tools: Cancelling Progress screen in Tool mode now does not revert made changes.
[YLD-44822] Tweaked: Custom tools: Improved performance when tool works with selection.

[YLD-32433] Tweaked: Editor: "Ask player dialog" will not force answer text to be in upper case letters.
[YLD-44474] Tweaked: Editor: When placing single entity with a light source in editor then the light source should be active.
[YLD-44594] Tweaked: Editor: LMB click on one object when multiselection is active should now select that single object.
[YLD-44612] Tweaked: Editor: Camera FOV is settable for all camera types.
[YLD-44870] Tweaked: Editor: When there is an error in Custom tool's script then show Game log panel.
[YLD-45492] Tweaked: Editor: Default text color for text widgets is now black.
[YLD-46098] Tweaked: Editor: Game logic object added to preview of creator blueprints.
[YLD-46101] Tweaked: Editor: Engines placed in editor are now fully charged.
[YLD-46103] Tweaked: Editor: Current charge of engine is now settable with slider in engine's properties.
[YLD-46151] Tweaked: Editor: Object explorer: Groups are now sorted by name.

Tweaked: Adjusted source elements, no more Piece of Metal, Piece of Gold and Glass Shards dropped. Their recipes were now moved to decorative tools bundle.
Tweaked: Algimer Blocks and Shapes change to blank texture.
Tweaked: Armors no longer slow swimming.
Tweaked: Changed default hit reactions to minimize unwanted shoulder movement.
Tweaked: Hunger Rate slowed to 16,7 percent per Sandbox day (33.3% per Adventure day).
Tweaked: Stone Mortar moved to Decorative Components and no longer needed for core crafting.
Tweaked: Tags in crafting now reference adequate recipes.
Tweaked: Decrease minimal Dig strength on Copper vein so that Obsidian pick can dig it.
Tweaked: New camera interpolation - players with more than 40 FPS (and especially on monitor with higher refresh rate) should no longer experience LAGGY movement.
Tweaked: Decrease minimal Dig strength on Copper vein so that Obsidian pick can dig it.
Tweaked: All Atlantean encounters changed visual to look more like meerfolk buildings.
Tweaked: Glass genesis task in diary now needs obsidian pick instead of obsidian saw.
Tweaked: Energy age task is no longer triggered by copper ore or copper ingot (zirconium is used instead).
Tweaked: Unearthed wonders task is no longer triggered by goat encounter.

Tweaked: Honey Badger: Changed heavy attack to be more fierce, higher jump and in style with new combat design.
Tweaked: Badger: Faster hit in Charge Attack without sliding.
Tweaked: Badger: Light Attack without jump.
Tweaked: Bear: Changed Heavy Attack to be lighter than Swipe (used former swipe animation as foundation).
Tweaked: Bear: Changed Light Attack to paw slash + changed heavy attack to special attack.
Tweaked: Big Cats: Heavy attack is 0,4 sec. (12 frames) shorter.
Tweaked: Big Cats: Light attack is slower by 0,2 sec (7 frames).
Tweaked: Big Cats: More readable swipe attack.
Tweaked: Bigfoot: Retimed Heavy Attack, Special Attack and changed Charge attack to be different from Heavy.
Tweaked: Brawler: Has arms higher to avoid clipping, charge attack different to heavy.
Tweaked: Brawler: Weight of some vertexes for better body shape.

Tweaked: Unlock biome popup has adjusted layouts, so that headers under ribbons would have more space for translated titles.


[YLD-30819] Fixed: Pigment should be correctly consumed now and entity should be colored even when coloring animation does not finish.
[YLD-39529] Fixed: An issue where players in the friends list would appear online even though they were actually offline.
[YLD-44664] Fixed: "You are buying gifts for" text in the gifting label is not translated.
[YLD-44682] Fixed: GenScript properties should have type handling equal to functions.
[YLD-44743] Fixed: RE272 has a palm seedling that grows into a full tree on a table, exceeding all weight limits for the particular furniture.
[YLD-44804] Fixed: Players still joining session cannot be kicked by AFK system now.
[YLD-44973] Fixed: Trigger zones incorrectly interact with rotated box objects.
[YLD-45129] Fixed: Cannon can be loaded from ammo belts.
[YLD-45158] Fixed: Achievements: steam progress is not updating sometimes.
[YLD-45250] Fixed: Player cannot get into clan.
[YLD-45413] Fixed: When re-binding controls in the Settings screen while in-game, panels no longer trigger for specific bindings (e.g. TAB).
[YLD-45472] Fixed: Lanterns and other items sometimes have wrong colors in their thumbnails after being colored.
[YLD-45709] Fixed: Opening last edited script does not work for script of templated objects. (unfortunately the fix will reset last edited script in old saves).
[YLD-45751] Fixed: Path editing: adding point to the end of path does not work.
[YLD-45752] Fixed: Handbook events requiring players to craft items wouldn't trigger if the crafted item was dropped on the ground due to not enough space in inventory.
[YLD-45752] Fixed: Programming: Crafting with full inventory doesn't complete tasks in Diary.
[YLD-45776] Fixed: Pressing esc when placing blueprints doesn't remove blueprint preview.
[YLD-45804] Fixed: Exception: +t ylands.SessionContext.get_World when joining custom scenario with more than 1 Player Role on RDS.
[YLD-45925] Fixed: Some obsolete paintings are missing from the replacement offer at the Ros Bobb's stand.
[YLD-46104] Fixed: Game with Player team GL does not work correctly when played on DS.
[YLD-46211] Fixed: Only one detail panel (item / bundle) should now be visible at a time in the trading screen.
[YLD-46361] Fixed: You cannot playtest games with Player teams with assigned Player roles in some cases.

[YLD-31197] Fixed: VS: Add Particle VS naming convention.
[YLD-42513] Fixed: VS: Character limits for variable/custom names are too big.
[YLD-44128] Fixed: VS: Hair color name "beige" is not appropriate for the color (new name is "burgundy").
[YLD-44156] Fixed: VS: Script browsing history gets reset when reopening an object.
[YLD-44268] Fixed: VS: Missing function after Undoing Cut and Paste of function from one object to another.
[YLD-44271] Fixed: VS: Show bubble text's is not shown in player's chat messages.
[YLD-44337] Fixed: VS: Destroying Reference point used in a rotation animator does not disable the rotation animator.
[YLD-44350] Fixed: VS: Disabling "show radial menu" action hides also hints for Inventory/Handbook.
[YLD-44482] Fixed: VS: Some script tiles in This category do not have "This" script tile prefilled in the first slot.
[YLD-44155] Fixed: VS: Script Explorer object highlight is out of sync when switching with Previous/Next script.
[YLD-44578] Fixed: VS: Custom enum with item named "default" (or another script keyword) breaks user script.
[YLD-44695] Fixed: VS: Disabling and re-enabling console causes console messages to not show console window.
[YLD-44812] Fixed: VS: Issues caused in script of spawned object did not have enough info to navigate a source of the issue.
[YLD-44887] Fixed: VS: There is no correct error log when using wrong argument in Delay function.
[YLD-44948] Fixed: VS: Templated objects with scripts are not listed in Script explorer.
[YLD-44965] Fixed: VS: You get now internal error when entity spawned by script is immediately destroyed.
[YLD-45326] Fixed: VS: On container withdraw event does not trigger when you equip an item directly from a container.
[YLD-45491] Fixed: VS: Missing "Scope" argument for leader script tiles.
[YLD-45889] Fixed: VS: You can not drag and drop "mobile touch" tiles to server script in SP only game.
[YLD-46287] Fixed: VS: Enum to array does not work correctly in Custom tools.
[YLD-46371] Fixed: VS: Functions with arguments of Entity/Game logic/Group array type does not work correctly.

[YLD-42516] Fixed: Editor: Having 2 or more Custom control game logic objects does not work correctly.
[YLD-43352] Fixed: Editor: Explorer filter dropdowns open outside the explorer tab.
[YLD-43885] Fixed: Editor: Event listener with trigger object set to "Any entity" can trigger even if there is no trigger object. (eg. On damage (interaction between 2 entities) is triggered even if damage is caused by fall damage).
[YLD-44267] Fixed: Editor: Cut and paste of objects now only moves cut objects. (so all in/out references persist).
[YLD-44379] Fixed: Editor: Alt+asdw movement does not work correctly with child groups.
[YLD-44526] Fixed: Editor: Enums of wrong type in GenScript do not show any error.
[YLD-44576] Fixed: Editor: Set Look At object causes the object to be partially transparent as if too close.
[YLD-44875] Fixed: Editor: Running custom tool on new map ignores some "wrong argument type" errors.
[YLD-45132] Fixed: Editor: Undo for updating Global storages with newer version does not work correctly.
[YLD-45232] Fixed: Editor: Custom Controls' right panel doesn't update properly.
[YLD-45330] Fixed: Editor: Repositioning with Alt + ASDW does not work correctly in some cases.
[YLD-45332] Fixed: Editor: There is missing text in Game settings for Global Ambient Sound.
[YLD-45594] Fixed: Editor: Custom tools: undo does not work correctly when deleting equipment of NPCs.
[YLD-45784] Fixed: Editor: Meaning of team friendly fire is opposite to the one expected. (new - friendly fire set to 1 now means that your team mate will take full damage).

[YLD-45668] Fixed: Custom tools: Undo step for moving items from Player's inventory/equipment + chests + vehicles does not work correctly.
[YLD-45718] Fixed: Custom tool's HUD UI is over default editor's UI.

Fixed: /freecamera now works with mobile controls.
Fixed: Replaced obsolete painting entities with functional ones in Painting vendor bundle.
Fixed: Tutorial text typos.
Fixed: Several blocks were missing in sets.
Fixed: Editor: Ctrl+F focuses object's pivot instead of objects visual center.
Fixed: VS: Delay tile is visible in client script which does not support Delay tile.
Fixed: Seagull relay theta Mystery yland is back again.
Fixed: Several building blocks were missing in recipe bundles, this should no longer be a problem.

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The pause feature is the best thing so far - thank you!

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About the better Performance.
I would say i have a pretty high end PC and a 144hz Monitor. 
I was always Getting arround 120FPS on 4k but it always looked like 60. 

Now it actually feels a lot smoother like actual 120 Fps.


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