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YLANDS is a great game, through my efforts I'd like to ensure it stays that way. In Rust, by facepunch studios, almost every server has atleast one or multiple Zurgs, a large groups whose main purpose is to attack smaller groups, I think it'd be smart to avoid this in YLANDS. But how? by creating disease! make it so that people in large groups are more susceptible of contracting disease. I would refrain from making it impossible to group up in big groups but just make it harder for people who wish to do so (which would most likely force people to be in smaller groups). Maybe make disease spread through animals which you have to hunt in order to feed yourself? (Another suggestion is to add the ability to domesticate  and breed animals. which could ultimately eliminate disease over time?). There are animals in the game which are foreign to your island. For example if you spawn on a grassland island the common animals you'll find are; wolfs, bears, goats, and the list goes on. if you were to venture to an island that has a different climate and therefore different species of animals, the disease they carry could slowly kill you.  Let me know what you guys think, my feelings wont be hurt ;), so be as critical as you want. If my suggestion is redundant then say it is.


Edit: I am unsure if I like my own suggestion so I'll leave it up for others to decide. I think the idea of germs is too complex to add to such a simple game, but I could be wrong.

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1) Are you sure you're on the right Bohemia Interactive forum? This isn't DayZ :D 

2) With the current multiplayer state this doesn't seem to be a problem :D Even when my server was running and griefing was happening, zergs weren't one of them. May also have to do with the fact that the game isn't that well known yet.

On a more serious note though: With the upcoming shield barrier generator you can make yourself a safe house, fortress/castle/watchtower to defend yourself and your precious items. Also due to the fact that the map consists of islands, fresh spawns first would need to get enough boats to get to islands etc. As long as you're away from spawn island you should be good. I believe it's not as easy in Ylands as it is in Rust to gather a group of freshies and go and hunt well geared players. Destroying any base within a shield generator I believe will be impossible, plus the most important items such as keys and maps will be no-drop. So very little reward. Plus I believe that it's not really what this game is about in general.

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