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UNDER REVIEW [YLD-7966] Ylands server corrupt



I bought Ylands 2 days ago. Since then me and my friends played 2 multiplayer games, saved both games and they both got corrupted and where unplayable the next day. This meant at least 10 hours of playing were lost.
What happend was one of us got stuck en relogged. From that point on interacting(Forges, Furnaces, Wheels etc) didnt work and when I was controlling a wheel of a ship I couldnt get out of it and had to relog again. If the server completly stopped then the next day only the person hosting could join the game the others where unable to join the game.
How can i fix this savegame so we can continue and if the savegame is unfixible, how can we make sure this doesnt happen again?

Little example

Thanks in advance.




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I didnt have the boat bug but I am unable to log into any MP games, I have tried diff servers and they all just hang at the load screen.  This wasnt an issue this morning for me.

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