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RESOLVED [YLD-8053] 1st Person Camera Sinks Buggy Raft


Encountered this bug today ...  I swam up to my raft with my flippers on and right-clicked to use it, but then I couldn't dismount it or interact with anything else like my ship ladder. I switched to 1st person camera and it caused the raft to sink through the water and even through the terrain. It flipped the raft over so I was upside down at one point lol I could access my inventory so I switched out of my flippers to my shoes but then my flippers disappeared :(

Returning back to the main menu and back allowed me to disembark the raft but it still thought I was on the raft so I was still holding the paddle! Again, I couldn't interact with anything and couldn't get back on the raft either. Going back to the main menu and back into the game again fixed that but now I couldn't open any chests or workstations. Saw a similar bug posted earlier and found I had to kill my horse, so I killed one and that didn't work and then I killed another one and that one worked for some reason.

Not sure if the raft bug is related to the horse/container bug or not but very bizarre.



Raft Bug.png

Raft Bug1.png

Raft bug2.png



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The old system of 1st/3rd person camera was redone (no change in colliders, no different controller) so this should be no longer possible.

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