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Horse tamed, i died, cant mount.


So i have my horse here... 

I tamed it.

later on i died 6 times because a wolf wont let me alone. 

I tried to get on my horse but i dont get the ride option anymore.

but it still reacts to my wisstle.



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If you see a wolf then just jump on a tall bush of high steep ledge/hill.    You should be out of reach for them. 

After that just whack at the wolf with an axe until it dies.  Works for Pumas, Panthers, Leopards, and Bears too.

** Make sure you don't accidentally chop down the bush you're on or the hill you are on is too low.

For sharps juts run back on land then kill them when they are nearly beached.

You can also make bandages and poultices to heal your wounds while you are safe on top of the bush.

If no bushes are round, jump on tall tree stumps or on a big tree, especially the tall rainforest trees.

You can also dig down in a pit until you can barely jump out of it.   

Then when a wolf chases you, lead it towards the pit and jump over it.When it is trapped in there, kill it with arrows.   

I don't know if you can built a bonfire over the pit and heat it to death tho.  

Oh, it is much faster to tame horses with corn than with grass.  yes, SIX corn versus about 24 pieces of grass.

Don't overfeed the wolves and kill them with cholesterol.   Happy Holidays and Good luck staying alive. 


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If you have a knife, craft a wooden spear...or  a stone spear.  Then  you are less likely to chop down the  bush. If you make it to high ground, make sure there's no objects nearby to deflect your defensive  blows.  Wolves are in packs    so avoid them when you see several   close by.   A wolf will growl first...   face it,  move to a defensive  area and  wait until it  rushes you .. then   dispatch it with your  weapon.  if  you can craft a bow and  arrows,   a long range attack will cause the  group to split  up where you can handle  each  individually.

Pumas leopards etc  tend to be more  sneaky and  will  mount  surprise attacks.

Bears will search  for  your scent and when they spot  you, they will chase and  follow. They are harder to  kill   but the fur  coat etc   are  worth the effort.:D


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