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  1. After hours of experimentation between the Steam configurations and the in-game control configurations, I finally got something that wasn't horrible. I'm not even sure what combination of tweaks did it in the end, and it still reverts back to the old behavior occasionally. The real solution to the problem, though: ditch the Xbox controller and buy a Steam controller! OMG, it works flawlessly; I don't know why I waited so long. The functionality of the Steam controller has increased my enjoyment of this game by 315%!!!
  2. Rice Snob

    Floating dirt fragments

    Never even thought of that, but it worked like a charm. My base is now clean and beautiful!!! Thanks!
  3. Rice Snob

    Floating dirt fragments

    Sometimes when I dig, mine, etc., there are tiny fragments of dirt, rock, or whatever, that are left behind uncleared, usually floating in mid-air. Under normal circumstances I could ignore them, but there are so many around my main base it’s ugly and distracting. I’ve tried building in the same physical space to see if I could overwrite them, but when I destroy what I built, the fragments are still there. Also, no amount of digging will excavate them further or make them disappear. Any ideas on how to get rid of them?
  4. I am playing using a Windows Xbox 360 wireless controller. No matter what I do, the input from the right joystick makes my character look around VERY slowly. It takes 10-20 seconds for me to pan from left to right. I've tried turning off all Steam controller configurations and making all adjustments to sensitivity from the Ylands game menu, I've tried using Steam community configurations for the game, I've tried creating my own Steam configurations, and I've even tried using Pinnacle Game Profiler. Nothing seems to affect the rate at which I can move my field of vision (and almost nothing reliably overrides the way the controller is configured to work by the game itself, either. Alternate key bindings are mostly ineffectual). Game pad support for this game is bad enough, but I would persevere if I could at least look around at a normal speed. I'm sorry, but I'm a game pad person; nothing you can say will convince me to play with a mouse and keyboard, so I'm highly motivated to solve this problem! I haven't attached any of the suggested files, because I'm not sure they would be of use in solving my problem. I will attach them later if necessary.