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  1. So I think this is maybe a bug, I have built some sort of a house with wood blocks on top of a large ship. Has you can see the ceiling is complete but it still rains inside. I have tested with a log ceiling and that doesn´t happen. Why wood blocks let the rain pass?
  2. MisterPoop

    Strange Stone 3 Triagles

    I found this Stone with strange symbols. Anyone knows the meaning ?
  3. MisterPoop

    Strange Stone 3 Triagles

    Yeah probably. Well, let me know if you found something...
  4. MisterPoop

    Strange Stone 3 Triagles

    I thought it was some kind of pointer to a buried pirate chest. I did make some digging around and the only thing i found was a key to a chest, but didn't found the chest...
  5. So i left the boat control with right mouse click, started to fly and went to main land to chop off some trees. When i tried to scroll through my items i got this message. What can i do?
  6. MisterPoop

    Sneak Peek #37

    I'm looking forward for the "....more interesting (and dangerous) nights......". Painting for me is irrelevant. But ok.
  7. MisterPoop

    Dev Diary #16

    Well I stopped playing a while ago, because of a bug (BUG). Is this update going to correct this ?
  8. MisterPoop

    How to: the Extended Editor

    There's a big flaw in this in my point of view. Scenario: The character is on another island exploring. You go to the editor and select games -> and select your saved game. There should be a button to instantly teleport you to where the character was...
  9. Well i was trying this but the editor started in my first island and my character is on another island. So is it possible to automatically go to the character instead i have to wonder around to find it? Btw any word on this bug fixed ?
  10. MisterPoop

    Sneak Peek #35

    A few ideas to make the game even more awesome. 1º - Pirates - This game needs to have NPC's with more AI. Pirates should be a way for you, before going on a journey, prepare yourself. Ships with cannons and stuff like that. 2º - Robots - You should be able to build robots. For example, robots that could help you get your building materials. That would be crew members operating in a ship cannons to hit pirates that would attack you. 3º - Treasures. You should have maps, treasures with gold diamonds. 4º - Sunken pirate ships should have also treasures and materials. 5º - When your ship went down in a fight, the world should be persistent and all your stuff should stay on the bottom of the sea. That way you should be able to explore the sea. 6º- Sea structures. Common it's obvious. Regards
  11. Yes the game is pretty corrupt because i started the game before the hotfix correction related to the pile of trees in the air. Also i lost my character when the game went corrupt. Needs work the game
  12. Ok ill try it and give feedback... thx
  13. Scroll up theres a zip file 3.zip
  14. Can´t any of your prorgammers test my savegame ? Like debug or something...
  15. Well i still can´t select anything i still can´t play the game
  16. hurray I read the fix's but none has the description of my bug ... i guess has other description
  17. I could really use a fix not even /unstuck works or resets the behavior of driving the boat. Any programmer have a command to fix this right now ? I can´t continue the game
  18. Can´t see the image is not loading...
  19. First time. Plus if i click the numbers that match the items in inventory also dont change. If i try to drag an inventory item to the numbers the message apears. Hurricane43 i tried your aproach didnt work. I really want a fix for this because i cant play the game now because i cant select/open/click nothing I attached my save game so you guys can see. 3.zip
  20. MisterPoop

    [BUG] Died in the void

    Hi i want to submit a bug that happened to me. So i was in a island and found a house. It was night time and in that house was a bed. I was with my propeler pack mounted. Lay down in the bed. Fast forward to day time. When i pressed space to get up the character went throught the earth and i think i hit the ground in a cave. Lost everything I have respawn and im on top of the house. Is it possible for you to recover my items if i gave you the savegame ? 3.zip
  21. MisterPoop

    [BUG] Died in the void

    FOund it but i used terraformer item to make hole until i find the body. But i feel like it was cheating the game. The cube is like GOD mode...
  22. MisterPoop

    [BUG] Died in the void

    But i can never get my items just new ones right ?
  23. MisterPoop

    The Map - Sugestion

    Hello, First of all i'm loving the game, still has a lot of bugs and things that could be better, but i think this game is in the same level has minecraft ( but better ). Well i have a sugestion regarding the MAP. My problem: I have lost the way to my first spawn island . That's right i dont have a clue where it is anymore. Why you ask? Well i was exploring another island with a Map in my inventory and this was my way to go back to the first island. But the worst happened i died inside a cavern with a lot of stuff that i want. This is a ice island so i couldnt get back to my body because i was naked. I would lose health and there was no way to do this naked. So i thinked well ill get back to my first island and make another fur pants ,boots, jacket. Crafted another map and my previous knowledge in the other map was gone. Sugestion: Every time you craft a map, should apear the islands and paths taken in previous trips. Now im wandering the oceon trying to find the island and i can´t i only see new islands but the one i want is gone. Sugestion 2: Coordinates. You should implemente some kind of compass or GPS system . Thx