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  1. DePemy

    Translation of Ylands

    If there's still a spot left, I'd love to help out on translating the game to dutch!
  2. Hello! I've been working on setting up a server for public and friends. Which works fine (port forwarded and all).. But the problem is that when I launch the Server Monitor I can no longer launch the game on the same computer. I also tried nosingleinstance as a target parameter, but that changed nothing. Is there any known work-around? -EDIT; I assume it has something to do of the fact that the sever monitor is also called ylands.exe (?) DePemy
  3. DePemy

    Server Monitor and Game

    Thank you guys for the answers! You guys are awesome!
  4. DePemy

    Server Monitor and Game

    Thank you for responding! Hey can I ask you for a favour and get you to explain me how you port forwarded your server?
  5. DePemy

    Port Forwarding

    Hai! What do you guys recommend should be port forwarded for the remote port? I am bit confused on what to use here. DePemy
  6. DePemy

    Chests and their slots

    Hi! I have a tiny suggestion for the chests. I love crafting them to hold my unnecessary stuff. But I think it would make things a lot easier and better to -for instance when you hover over them, that you can see how many slots it contains. I know it's not much, but I just started playing. Keep up the good work! DePemy