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    Pointer and Suggestion!

    I just discovered the bear traps and I knew that the wooden spike would have a purpose in the game! Thank you for answering! And yes, it would be great if it would be aligned Sometimes I cut a tree down or try to cut it with centering my pointer, and when it goes down, the hitbox is tricky with the pointer. It's just a little bit confusing sometimes but none to less, I've always been able to cut it and collect it.
  2. Altarys

    CANT REPRODUCE Game Now Keeps Freezing

    Hello Boxanata, Have you tried uninstall / reinstall the game? If so, then a dev should have a look at it, from what I saw, there is a problem when the program builds itself and initiate the object
  3. Hello Dev-Team! A lot of people have fell through the world as I can see and I think it is a very hard bug to correct too! I did indeed fell by placing sands, and by some guru magic found myself trap and fell to my cold death. So It's just to say here that this bug can occurs when placing some block mostly sands and dirt I presume!
  4. Altarys

    Pointer and Suggestion!

    [I said a bug but its in the wrong section.]
  5. Altarys

    Pointer and Suggestion!

    Hello Dev-Team! I had some trouble with the pointer or dot at the center of the screen! Sometimes when I try to hit the enemy, I can hit 1/3 of the time. Also when trying to mine, I can see there is an another pointer (green) going on but never centered with the current pointer. So I was wondering if it was meant to be that way, otherwise, it's just a little bit confusing sometimes! For my suggestion, I suggest some traps for wild animals and better defensive ability! I know there is the wooden spike, thus I don't very know how to use them... and if their purpose is for traps! Other than that, great game! And please, continue your great job! It's a very innovative game in its own way and surpasses a lot of alpha game currently in our world!
  6. Altarys

    Translation of Ylands

    Hello, I was wondering if I could help with the French translation by correcting it and see if there is inaccuracy! I know the language will be in the game in the 0.5 update, which I can't wait to see