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  1. @spiritchaser28, you are, of course, exactly right; it is a matter of perception. I am pleased to see your message here because it confirms something very positive. There are people who are able to see something constructive even when I may be seeing negativity. Of course some aspects of my reporting are constructive, but in some cases I put in a few words that are unnecessarily manipulative in a negative way, such as when I said in one posting: "What good is the editor if you cannot move things?" I was stating the obvious (which is patronizing) but also overstating it. Clearly the editor is still quite useful even if there are some problems in one aspect of it under certain conditions.

    I don't wish to drill down too hard on my actions, and in doing so simply being negative in another way. But I do want to acknowledge that I do see some unnecessary negativity in my postings; a tendency which I want to change. I do fully see the value in addressing issues, as you pointed out, and that aspect, when done in at least a neutral, constructive manner--never overlooking my ongoing appreciation--is what I am shooting for.

    Your postings, @spiritchaser28, are a good model for me. Thank you!

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  2. What spiritchaser28  reported suggested a workaround.

    Before this problem asserted itself I had indeed put spinning wheels and most other work stations on my experimental Exploration home island without problems. This was weeks ago.. But in the past several days,  I was not able to put another spinning wheel anywhere on that island. So, after reading spiritchaser28's report I went over to one of my nearby islands and tried to place a spinning wheel there, and it worked fine. Then, when I returned immediately back to my home island, I could place one there as well, just fine! 

  3. I have a question relating to BI accounts.

    For some reason I seem to have two accounts--and I have no idea how this happened. One of them is related to all the games I have been playing and my free coynes, etc. The other is based on my email address. I want to LINK the first one (as it states in my profile) in order to 'SAVE' my profile to allow multiplatform play and to "open a direct line of communication with the dev team". But I cannot do that without entering my email address, and I cannot enter my email address because my email address is already being used by the OTHER account! I am apparently in a Catch 22 situation. Can anyone suggest a route to fix this?

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  4. Hey everyone!

    I am not all that new; I have been playing this game for about a year, but only recently decided to wade into this forum. And I cannot be sure yet whether I really want to make this a regular practice. Yet there are several good reasons to do so.

    First of all I do love the game. I love the beauty of it. I love the landscapes and the water (THE WATER IS AMAZING!). I love the weather effects even when I hate them! ?  I love exploration. Occasionally I even like to build something. I love ships. And I love so many of the animals! I love trying to survive in conditions of challenge.

    I love the fact that all of this is even possible and I am deeply humbled by both the technology and the team and community members who contribute to all of this.

    Now I must make a deep-felt apology and resolution. I am sorry that some of my  forum messages have had a negative tone to them. This brings up one reason to continue to participate here. I want to practice the completely sane and worthwhile suggestions in the Forum Guidelines which I just read this morning. It is not just that doing so is recommended, as if just a rule. It is also because it would do so much good for my own 'soul', if you please. (That is not meant as a religious concept, just as a manner of speaking.) I am generally a very cheerful and happy person, but I would be even more happy and would contribute to a more friendly environment if I completely let go of any negativity in my way of thinking and participating. Yes, as I look at some of my postings so far I see some unproductive complaining, some apparent attempts to bludgeon the team to correct things for my selfish aims. As if: "it's all about me.' I want to learn and practice the way I see most of you interact: productively, in a friendly manner, staying on topic, being helpful, never flaming or making negative insinuations, etc. It all goes so much better when we are all contributing to a culture where we are inclusive, friendly in tone, helpful, encouraging, etc. It just makes sense and it is the 'mature' way of being. I know this intellectually. Now I must practice it and practice it until it is 'in my bones'.

    You are all a very good model and reminder for me. I want to thank you for this. 

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  5. Spiritchaser28, that is interesting! Thank you! I will do some tests on some of the other islands in my experimental exploration game, just out of my own curiosity. There is so much of programming that is a mystery. How can things be so patterned, yet still be so unpredictable? I don't know how to say what I am trying to say. Truly a mystery, to me at least. I suppose we just have to lay it at the feet of complexity. Complexity often leads to unpredictability, while still offering some degree of patterning.

    By the way--and here I may be justifiably scolded for being so off-topic--I am discovering that I enjoy the contacts, like this one, with people like you who are strangers to me. I discovered the same with zarwill who, like you too, helped me with ships. By the way (again!), I like your 'Don't Panic' theme. I am trying to keep that in mind these days. Sometimes I use gaming in almost an obsessive way as a defense against anxiety and panic. WAY off topic and too much information? I'll stop now and promise to reign myself in. ?

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  6. And, by the way, I do truly love this game... or at least its potential. And I have had much fun with it. But unless it solves bugs such as this... would I recommend this game to a friend? I think I would say to him or her: It has great potential. But there are problems. Check back in a few months. And yes, there are other bugs that I have not even mentioned that annoy me, such as the fact that Control-drag between inventory and chest (to get part of a stack moved over) only sometimes works.

  7. So here are my results today.

    Today I had no problems at placing stoves, in either Legacy Exploration or in the new Experimental Exploration. But previously I did have trouble with stoves as I said in my first posting above.

    The only problem today is with spinning wheels, and this occurred in both versions of Exploration. But the details are interesting. First I tried repeatedly (4 times) to place a spinning wheel with no success, even after moving it down with Rt-Hold-J method. I was able to move the spinning wheel up and down, but no position helped. And this was true in both versions of Exploration.

    The first tests within Legacy Exploration today were in a game I had recently added Cube (with Editor), but I was experimenting (at first) only with crafting; not using Cube. So, it was not a normal survival game anymore, you could say. But when I tried to place a spinning wheel using Cube, it placed without problem! AND, from that point on, I could ALSO now place spinning wheel with crafting without problem.

    I then tried another Legacy Exploration game and had no problems placing anything, including spinning wheels. But in recent days I have had trouble placing spinning wheels in several Legacy Exploration games, not just one game. I have also had trouble placing stoves; but not today.

    Then I went back to the new Exploration (Experimental) again and once again I could NOT place spinning wheels, even with doing the U/J 'free place' mode. No problem with stoves.

    This is all the tests I am willing to do. I not a testing technician; I am a game user simply hoping to have some fun. But thanks for anything you can do.

  8. This issue does not relate to ships. Generally the circumstances are simply on areas close to beaches, but not on the beach. Essentially any rather flat, uncluttered area on an island; areas where typically I never had problems before and where weaving looms, tanning racks and bamboo beds are easily placed on the ground.  When I have the red ghost/glare, showing that the placement will not work, I have often carried it around to see if it will place anywhere at all; and it won't.  In the rare instance when it is  placeable, it shows no red even in the beginning. It is an all or nothing sort of thing. I hope this helps. I cannot understand why I can be having this problem and you cannot immediately reproduce it! (But then I am clueless about the many problems of programming.) Again, if one makes repeated attempts, it usually does place, but after 8 or 10 attempts I just give up in total frustration. Thanks for looking into this!

  9. In recent days I have experienced chronic problems placing both stoves and spinning wheels in Legacy Exploration; and spinning wheels in the new Exploration game. Other things such as beds, weaving looms and tanning racks place OK. The error message is 'not enough space'. In some cases I can eventually place the item if I try over and over... up to a dozen or more times may be required. In the past I have also experienced problems placing other work stations, but I haven't tried recently, so I don't know the status of those issues.

  10. In the past couple of days I have found that the 'move' and 'rotate' functions only rarely work properly. I don't know the lingo, folks, so please bear with me. The colored gizmo with the three colored arrows that I used to be able to drag on no longer function most of the time. I know that when I used to hover around the arrows I would find a sweet spot that would make the arrow a paler color, then I could do the drag and the object would move. Now I don't get that happening at all and I cannot move objects most of the time. Same with rotate. This seems like a big deal! What good is editor if I can no longer use it to move objects! All hands on deck, team! Please?

  11. I've got to say, folks, that the bugs are driving me to consider abandoning the game altogether. In editor the 'move' function only rarely works right. In gameplay, whether in legacy exploration or the new exploration, the ability to place things like stoves and spinning wheels often takes me up to 20 tries--almost always getting the message of 'not enough space' when there is vast space around. I hope the team can get it together!

    Another thing which is not a bug but a chronic irritation has to do with camera function when driving boats and ships. As it is now the default is for camera to be in 'aligned' position. But this is just the opposite of what I want. I want the default to be not aligned so that when I am trying to back up or look to the side I don't have the camera jerked out of my control. Yes, I can invoke the command to put the camera in my preferred state, but I often forget and I find myself cursing both myself and the developers who chose to make the aligned position default. It is just a major nuisance for me. But that is just me. Others may have other preferences. I am just stating mine. Thanks for enduring my rant! ?

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  12. @zarwil, I want to thank you for the detailed steps you outlined to make changes in a ship, in editor. I did, in my own way, make the changes I wanted to make in the ship you composed and I love using it now! I cannot honestly claim that I really understand everything you outlined, but I think that is my failing, not yours. I'll probably understand it eventually.

  13. I was able to make a new local composition by first putting your composition on map, going to editor, selecting it, and commanding a new local composition. Then I could actually select the seeds and remove them. I could not do this directly on the ship that was placed from the download itself, even in editor. And, no luck still on placing beds, either in editor or game play. 

  14. Hahaha! That is so funny, about the seeds! I don't know if I can fix it in the editor either. Because--and this gets to the other problem with the beds--I cannot seem to place beds (in the back 2/3 or the cabin using the editor either. The ghost-bed-to-be-placed stays red until you move it to the very front of the cabin and if you try to place it under the windows you get an error message something like: 'this is outside the vehicle boundaries'. Same about trying to place anything on the upper deck. In the editor I cannot seem to select anything. Ships and other vehicles just aren't like other things at least when they come from compositions offered. I tried and tried. No good. Any way to get a good ship that works?

  15. Zarwil, I love the ship of yours that I downloaded as a composition. Too bad I cannot add anything, like beds, to the back 2/3 of the cabin or the deck above. Also too bad that the ship seems to grow strange huge woody-like growths all over the front of the ship. See image attached. This is happening in a legacy exploration game. I have seen this happen to another ship I downloaded as well. What a bummer. Now I cannot use the ship. Dang, the screenshot would not correctly upload. I going to try again with smaller image. It failed again.


  16. Yes, I am aware of this location of settings, but as I had mentioned, when I checked on this before, the setting could not be changed on a game scenario; it was frozen at the 'no-save' option. But it does seem to work now.  But maybe I tried it on a world that was already exported, and it needs to be set before exporting. Anyway, I feel that I will figure out any further quandaries on this.

    So, YES! You have indeed helped me loads... hoping that it keeps working. THANK YOU SO MUCH!  ?


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  17. I just looked again and found: As you are setting up the game there actually is no setting that I can find for saving. Once it is created and you are looking at the games properties, there is a setting shown but it is not operable. It cannot be changed. So how people are creating games that allow saving is a mystery to me. I do appreciate your attempt to help me, but my questions remain unanswered. Oh well. My purpose in wanting a game I can play and save is simply to allow an arena for creating structures without the inconvenience of day/night and weather cycles, and yet to be in a natural-like setting. I can create whole villages, etc. The setting sparks my imagination. And I prefer to create within game, not the editor. But, alas!

  18. Thanks, bojo2736! Although I am not sure.... I will try again to find that setting. I also noticed that the /exportlocal command gave an error report: something like "that command is not available". So I did the local export from the Editor menu after first optimizing it. But I guess you are confirming that I have to publish a game in order to play it with saves?  Any further guidance here? By the way, I have, in the past few days rediscovered just how amazing this game is!! Such a great job by the team. I just marvel at so many things I cannot list them, yet I must mention all the cool creatures, the outstanding water and weather effects, the beautiful artwork everywhere. I just love to hang out in the game.

  19. I am not a complete newbie to Ylands but I'm also not particularly astute on many aspects. I used to be able do a local import on a game I created in Editor, so I could play the game myself, and keep the changes as the play proceeded over many sessions. Now that doesn't seem to work anymore. So I have now published a game, but when I play it, saving is not possible. Anything I do in the game is lost when I close it. I see that in the games available in the Main Menu, some games allow saves and others do not. I saw nothing while setting up the game, or options in Editor, or options on the Ylands Creator's Cluib website (while finalizing the publishing process)  that pertain to this. Please, people, is there any way at all I can create a game for my own play and keep the changes? Otherwise I have little interest in this game. Why have they taken away a functional local export, closing off our options?