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  1. Aarrghh

    Soldering Iron

    A soldering iron is a tool used to 'weld' small metal components together by melting solder onto them. It is a metal alloy that have a very low melting point. In the case of this game I believe the intent is to solder the copper wire to the other components. An engraver makes marks into an object, like engraving your name on the soldering iron to identify it when Griefer steals it!
  2. Aarrghh

    Dedicated Server

    Hello Cpt_RedBeard, I posted a script last night that may help you out. Please find it here: https://ylands.com/community/topic/19950-one-click-server-setup/
  3. Aarrghh

    Soldering Iron

    search for 'iron' and it will show up in the crafting list. it does not show up if you search for soldering.
  4. Aarrghh


    in 3rd person view backup to a mast on a ship until you can see through your avatar. switch to 3rd person and step away. you will be able to view the bottom of the ocean threw the map model.