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  1. Most of the time this is graphics card/computer issue, ether that or something to do with using stream as a gateway (due to streams bootstrap). However; I would say make sure your flash app, or video drivers/cards are up to date as that is what most of the time cause that to happen.
  2. MrBASins

    Shipwreck Island 2: In Works

    Thanks for your rely I'm glad you like what you see so far. It's always nice to see when others do rely. As for the NPC idea; for sure I could have the perfect place for them, however that also totally is depending on the feature they come with for me to string them in to the game.
  3. MrBASins

    My Catamaran MK III

    That looks great who says you need a big ship to look great you can ever do it with a small boat
  4. MrBASins

    Map Editor Water & jump to a saved location

    I notice this also and it would make it that easier if the water was controllable in edit mode but I do know that the water will level out in gameplay with some land altercation but it take time and some time it don’t. Most of the time I have to create multiple files and go into game play with one of them to see if worked, as that don't help all the time nether and a better way needs to be implemented for us creators
  5. MrBASins

    show map in editor

    This is a supper idea It would help with editing the maps much more easier... Nice one as I was going to say about this but seen it was already posted...
  6. MrBASins

    Ability to Draw on Map

    You can write on a blank paper so this could be very possible, and I agree. It would be a great addition to the game and make it that much easier for the players to know where they have been or need to go....
  7. MrBASins

    Early Access plans!

    I truly looking forward to many of what maybe or could be, as the gameplay and creations features (thus far) is great, for early access and the extra features will make it that much more fun specially for the ones that like to create (like myself) but the game does still have some road bumps that need to be fixed and/or tweaked so I’m glad you all are looking to fix them first. Don't get me wrong I love creating or playing the game and think that little extra will be super but taking care of the road bumps hopefully is the major part currently as I'm looking forward to that the must, as the more you add the more you need to fix or tweak...
  8. MrBASins

    RESOLVED cant continue game

    Have you tied to close stream and disconnect and reconnect again? Also is the background like that too in the menu?
  9. Hello Everyone Hope you all had a great Christmas and have a Super New Year and wish you all the best in the coming year So with my first release of “Shipwrecked Island” (here) that was created as a beta version so I can figure out how the game works and see if I can tweak and/or mod the game in an effort to make it a little more fun than it already is, so others can (maybe) enjoy it that much more. I have decided to create a “Shipwreck Island 2” with lots more to it (and regular updates or patching until it's prefect), this includes but is not limited to more graphical gameplay (so low-end computers may have issue), with big cave systems (underwater/above ground), more treasures or material deposited, harder animals to fight (w/Higher HP etc.), 8 spawn start points (for more players), more building structures and hidden items; the list can go on. I have given you some screenshots of just a small percent of what is to come I hope you all like what you see thus far? If you have any feedback or comments that you wish to say please feel free as I like to see what others think as it helps with designing or creating something of this magnitude so you all can (hopeful) enjoy. The releases date I have to yet implement so it's TBA at this time but once its done! I truly think it will be whether it and you will enjoy it a lot. Now with any patch or update that is implemented for the game, I would be sure to update it and maybe add a bit more into the build. For more details or updates please follow this post as it will help you keep up to date.
  10. MrBASins

    Shipwreck Island (Beta)

    I glade you like it there is hided items somewhere... (Hit: those sailors or shipwrecks have to left something!! but in may not be at the camp site only ) Sorry only what is in the map this was my first test on designing a map along with testing the script within the game to test its limits, So I can create an ever better map/world with a lot of content to found underwater and on land including leveling the animals so I can create higher level animals to fight and so on plus some game mods I working why it beta
  11. MrBASins

    Shipwreck Island (Beta)

    Sorry everyone been trying to update it, but the forums Security Check and such, it will not let me... clearly they are having issues with the forums edit first post not working right. As Soon as it gets fixed and its working right I'll update the full thing. for know I'll update you on some extra features: (I forgot to say in the first post) 4 starting points, Multi Weapon's, (Shotguns, hand guns etc.) 3 hidden Keys, 3 Shipwrecks, 1 Sub wreak, Multi creatures, Deep water body, Multi Wild animals, Multi clues and secrets, Watch you back, Easy access to some food, (Added as detail update) Building tools or supplies easy access, (Added as detail update) and more.
  12. MrBASins

    Shipwreck Island (Beta)

    Hello Everyone Welcome to my post. Every creation need a place to see feedback for something that was created and released for all to enjoy just like My beta Version of Shipwrecked Island found in the workshop area on the site (here) the download is a began of many to come for all to have fun with and hopefully enjoy playing. If you do download it and fine issue or bugs please let me know here so I can look into it and fix it. A large body of land with secrets, of lost treasures, guns and goodies for you to gene that underhand as long as you can survive the task... Features: 4 starting points, Multi Weapon's, (Shotguns, hand guns etc.) 3 hidden Keys, 3 Shipwrecks, 1 Sub wreak, Multi creatures, Deep water body, Multi Wild animals, Multi clues and secrets, Watch you back, Easy access to some food, (Added as detail update) Building tools or supplies easy access, (Added as detail update) and more. Good Luck and please enjoy.