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  1. TheUrbanSquatch

    KNOWN ISSUE Maps do not work in multiplayer

    It's a known Issue. The devs are aware.
  2. TheUrbanSquatch

    Next patch date?

    @Ane Can I assume there will be an updated DS executable for us as well? EDIT: Never mind, I see it's been released.
  3. TheUrbanSquatch

    Starving While Offline?

    @indy@civ.zcu.cz it's not going to be fixed until the next update.
  4. TheUrbanSquatch

    Dedicated Server Host Command Access

    The Devs said that the next update would bring back admin commands in the DS
  5. TheUrbanSquatch

    Mid Game, maybe End Game. Give this a Think guys.

    I like that idea.
  6. TheUrbanSquatch

    Dying from Starvation while offline

    I believe he Devs have said that the starvation thing will be addressed in the next update.
  7. TheUrbanSquatch

    Dedicated Servers for Ylands -- An Update

    The new dedicated server software works great on my i3-7100U (dual core 2.4GHz) Intel NUC with 32GB of memory.
  8. TheUrbanSquatch

    How to: the Extended Editor

    Thanks John!
  9. TheUrbanSquatch

    How to: the Extended Editor

    I've been looking at the editor, perhaps I'm just being dense, but I cannot figure out how to rotate the camera view. I can rotate objects and such, but how do you change the way the camera is facing?
  10. TheUrbanSquatch

    Setting new Spawn point

    Would it be possible to have it so that when you make a bed you could make it so that becomes your spawn point? Many other games have this option and it is quite handy. Thanks
  11. TheUrbanSquatch

    Writing on maps

    Yes being able to set waypoints, or mark places on the map would be great
  12. TheUrbanSquatch

    Chat Window/Command WIndow Size

    I run Ylands at 4k resolution and the chat window/command line window is way too tiny, it's so small in fact that It is almost illegible. I'd like to suggest that you make it larger, perhaps have it scale based on the resolution of the game.