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    How to import ship and character?

    I've watched a lets play and the person opened up a new save and was able to export his ship and his character to the new save. I just wondering how that was done because I have scalled every inch of my save and wouldn't mind going to a new save but have some of my stuff.
  2. Dustin Michael

    What is your favourite survival food ?

    I always eat one more past "I am not hungry anymore" I usually eat roasted meat and I don't know if it keeps hunger at bay more by eating past it, but it feels like I'm not as hungry as ofter. But it could just be me perceiving that it lasts longer rather than it really lasting longer.
  3. Dustin Michael

    Thought you guys might enjoy my Yland Yacht

    That is very well made! good job
  4. Dustin Michael

    My time in a new land

    I would have been sooooo pissed haha.. you can go into first person and kinda push your boat. I usually just dig them out with a spade
  5. Dustin Michael


    Found there is also all these.. I haven't found how to craft them yet but there is more than listed below and you use and build with them in editor. Just open your exploratory save in editor, find a spot you want to build it and do so, then save. Poof.... You have it in your exploration build. looks like the Katana and Samurai armor stand has been removed from the game. 40px 2845 Wooden Oriental Block1 40px 2846 Wooden Oriental Block2 40px 2847 Wooden Oriental Block3 40px 2848 Wooden Oriental Block4 40px 2849 Wooden Oriental Beam 40px 2850 Wooden Oriental Panel1 40px 2851 Wooden Oriental Panel2 40px 2852 Wooden Oriental Window
  6. Dustin Michael


    There is a samurai armor stand.. Only thing I have seen
  7. Dustin Michael

    How do you break stone bricks?

    Thank you.. I found out last night by accidently hitting shift.
  8. Dustin Michael

    Key chain nightmare

    welp.. there's your answer then
  9. Dustin Michael

    How do you break stone bricks?

    ^^ Exactly what I would do. As far as using the editor. I've had to use it a couple times to replace things. Only downside is you don't move very fast in editor and you start from your spawn island. If your house is far from that have fun finding it cause you can't open the map. At least I haven't found a way to open the map.
  10. Dustin Michael

    The big fail (Dry Dock)

    I have still yet to play multiplayer. I might need to get on it now they have the forcefield
  11. Dustin Michael

    artic ylands

    I haven't found the use for snow or ice yet.. Anyone know what they could be used for?
  12. Dustin Michael

    The big fail (Dry Dock)

    well that looks intersting! Your house looks pretty cool too!
  13. Dustin Michael

    Key chain nightmare

    I don't play multiplayer so I was just shooting in the dark. How about hiding the keys before your trips. I bet you can come up with something creative
  14. Dustin Michael

    My Opinion of the Game thus far...

    I agree with 95% of that.. Good write up. Put some of those ides in the suggested section of the forum! Also to answer one question you will spawn on the island you die at except the polar islands. They do this so if they respawned you on the polar island you would just die again and again from freezing to death before you can find your body.
  15. Dustin Michael

    Key chain nightmare

    why don't you use combination locks so you don't need keys? You are right though something needs to be changed.
  16. Dustin Michael

    Lag Lag and More Lag!

    I only play single player and it seems to lag more since the last update. I don't have the best computer so I will get maybe 30-50 FPS but drop to the 15 fps if there is a lot on the screen.
  17. Dustin Michael

    How to get more Ylandium dust?

    I ended up going into editor and make it so it goes below ground just to get an idea how big a tunnel system was on my starting island.. I thought I went through it all to find out I barely got through half of them. I saw a lot of crystals and animals I missed. It just told me I need to go through all my tunnels again cause I bet a lot of them I missed a lot of stuff.
  18. Dustin Michael

    Is it good

    It had multiplayer since launch.. Yes it's worth it. I got a lot of hours already in it.
  19. Dustin Michael

    How do I eat?

    don't feel bad.. I came from the consule world and I had these questions myself..
  20. Dustin Michael

    How to get more Ylandium dust?

    I was able to find a huge cavern in ione of my caves finally. I just dug done lol.. I was able to gather over 100 ylandium from that massive cavern. mixture of bears, alphas, and wolves. I would have died in a heartbeat if I didn't have my flying potion. I just flew right above them and used a spear. Tons of Ylandium crystals too. Plus there is a way to see through walls to find out where extensions to caves are at but I was trying to not do that. I was ready to put the game down for awhile cause I've done everything else pretty much. I tried doing that but they didn't show up in my explore after I saved it in editor.. maybe I have to play with it again.
  21. How do you open your explore map into creative. I have people talk about doing it and maybe they didn't know what they were talking about lol... but wondering if I can?
  22. Dustin Michael

    How do you open your explore map to creative?

    thank you
  23. Dustin Michael

    Removing a dead body?

    Nevermind I didn't know I had to go to games
  24. Dustin Michael

    Removing a dead body?

    I just tried it and I don't thiink that works anymore cause I can't open the save.