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  1. OmegaParticl

    How to find ylands (guide/tut.)

    If you think you are heading to no where. well This is the first time i've had this happen but you get a warning if you are going to Davy Jone's Locker....
  2. OmegaParticl

    How to find ylands (guide/tut.)

    I've underlined the birds. This is what you are looking for.
  3. OmegaParticl

    Boat/Ship speed

    Hot dang! Having your sails upside down or sideways, that is just hilarious. Looking forward to the video.
  4. OmegaParticl

    Suggestions after 15hr play

    Would love to see running as well. Horses are quick and easy to get but why not have the ability to just run or even sprint?
  5. OmegaParticl

    Boat/Ship speed

    Do you know if adding extra blocks/storage/items to a ship will give it weight that will skew those percentages?
  6. OmegaParticl

    Admin Commands

    Not sure what was removed before but I agree with Trish. I'd like to see a lot of commands to help troubleshoot issue maybe a localized or visualized tool to see what is causing performance issues. Also would like to see the ability to destroy/remove an object you are looking at and a way to remove excess entities.
  7. Same issue as well. Here is my Host data. Here is my wife's Client data who is joining my session
  8. OmegaParticl

    KNOWN ISSUE Inventory bug

    Did some digging the forums since it happens to me as well. From what read is it's caused by a full inventory most of the time. If you try to craft or transfer an item into your inventory and there is no space it will cause the problem to occur. Try and keep at least 1 or 2 spots open to reduce the issue. All I can tell its going to into a limbo/hidden inventory buffer area that seems to store items information there, and highly reproducible. Re-logging and sometimes full restart of the game usually fixes it like you said.