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  1. Soondead-27d3f9fbcbfb78c3

    I'm hungry!

    Well, the same goes for any food really. I can chow down a whole stack of roasted fish and sure enough... a few minutes later "I'm hungry". It's like the avatar has no belly at all.
  2. Soondead-27d3f9fbcbfb78c3

    Shovel sometimes just doesn't flatten

    This is dirt, and I've flattened quite a lot of terrain so I know how it's supposed to work. Using the pick and careful placing of dirt, I've even adjusted the problem areas so it's either juuust above or below the appropriate level so we're talking about centimeter adjustments (if that makes any sense) Still nothing. I too have seen this before and the next day the problem vanished, but in my mind that just goes to prove that there's SOMETHING wrong here and the devs will probably want to look into it. If we get our way, the shovel tool will be improved to deal with verticals and slopes, maybe they should look into this problem as well while they're touching that code. Or the new and improved shovel might just inherit this nasty bug and bury it even deeper :-)
  3. Soondead-27d3f9fbcbfb78c3

    Shovel sometimes just doesn't flatten

    This has happened to me several times while playing with a DS: As I try to flatten an area, there are some patches that the shovel simply seems to ignore. I can relog, switch tools, use the pickaxe or some dirt to slightly alter the terrain, then try again over and over and over again but certain terrain nodes just won't flatten no matter what I do. I keep trying from different angles, first/third person perspective, walk away and back again. Nothing helps. The shovel is in pristine condition, I get the "swoosh" sound and the animation... and the terrain STILL doesn't budge. Quite frustrating.
  4. Soondead-27d3f9fbcbfb78c3

    Objects plasing method change

    +1 to this! The inability to optionally place containers, crafting stations etc on the grid seems puzzling. I invariably end up intersecting a wall, floor or ceiling so I can't replace those without first removing said object.
  5. Soondead-27d3f9fbcbfb78c3

    [ suggestion ] LAG SPIKES / Building Mechanics

    Constantly falling off while trying to build is a nuisance, but exactly how are the building mechanics "pretty broken" in your opinion? I find it quite easy to put things together actually. Get two blocks placed next to eachother (which can be a little tricky given the obvious problem that you're trying to manipulate objects in 3D through a 2D interface...) and the game "learns" where you want the next ones to go. So the problem is really just the two first blocks in any series, isn't it? If blocks were a little easier to distinguish in the crafting interface, I'd say this is as simple as it gets. It's not Minecraft, but Minecraft never had to deal with odd shapes and by imaginary friend I've misplaced a few blocks in Minecraft too over the years.
  6. Soondead-27d3f9fbcbfb78c3

    Whaling in the deep sea

    I think we agree a lot more than we disagree, and that the world would be a lot better if we could confine a great number of practices to computer games rather than applying them in real life. Such as killing for amusement :-)
  7. Soondead-27d3f9fbcbfb78c3

    Whaling in the deep sea

    Do you really believe this? The fact is that this argument applies to almost any type of cultivated crop, be it wheat, corn, cotton, bananas or pretty much everything else we grow for mass consumption and profit; ecosystems are replaced with endless fields of whatever happens to be in demand. Like christmas trees. Did you know that palm oil is considered the most efficient crop in terms of bio-energy per acre and was at one point considered the most logical way to get the world economy off of fossil fuels? Isn't it funny how the people's opinion suddenly shifted in the disfavor of just that single crop and changed the trade balance between Malaysia and US/Europe? Facts can be quite interesting. Meanwhile, hunting whales is considered outrageous because whales are passive and there used to be a lot more of them. Truth is, the same goes for all other types of fish, like cod, pollock and herring doesn't it but who gives a flying duck about those? Well, those are morally acceptable sources of food aren't they. Like cats and dogs in some Asian countries. Meanwhile, nobody really cares that we kill wolves in Ylands, although they are considered a critically endangered species in real life. But they're bad, obviously. One of them tried to eat the three little pigs.
  8. Soondead-27d3f9fbcbfb78c3

    Whaling in the deep sea

    Really, palm oil? This discussion needs more gasoline. Here: http://www.saynotopalmoil.com/Whats_the_issue.php
  9. Soondead-27d3f9fbcbfb78c3

    PC mode needed

    And there are only two genders to choose from. Oh, the humanity. This is a game about surviving and there's a recurring pirate theme, complete with swords, guns, wild animals, cannons and player killing. Maybe it's worth mentioning that pirates are criminals that roam the seas looking for victims to plunder and kill? Whatever, nobody bats an eye. Mention whales and people lose their minds, bringing up plastic bottles and oil spills(!) since this is obviously quite a slippery slope. Incidently, I live in one of two countries in the world where whaling still occurs, albeit on a microscopic scale compared to what was historically the case. This therefore offends me, which by internet practice gives me the right and privilege to go off in a completely random direction as long as I use proper grammar and avoid using the F word. What about baby seals that we can club in the head and skin for white little furs to line the seats in our racing cars? The cars are ofcourse electric and therefore completely harmless to the environment.
  10. Soondead-27d3f9fbcbfb78c3

    SUGGESTION: Floating Buoy

    If removable, people will grief them. If indestructable, people will spam them. ...but I'd still like them, for single player if nothing else :-)
  11. Soondead-27d3f9fbcbfb78c3

    PC mode needed

    The comments in this thread made it obvious to me that Ylands needs a Politically Correct mode where both PvP and PvE is abolished. There can be no harming of trees, flowers, grass or anything else in the simulated environment. Animals must all be blessed with speech and Disney-like emotions so they can live in harmony and never actually need to eat. Fauna should never wither and the weather must be careful not to hurt anyone's feelings. Gameplay should be restricted to making emotes that express love and compassion for all things. Run this mode on one or two official servers for the treehuggers, then implement all the cool and crazy stuff so the rest of us can go have fun with A COMPUTER GAME. Sheesh...!
  12. Soondead-27d3f9fbcbfb78c3

    Whaling in the deep sea

    I'm just here for the popcorn *nom nom*
  13. Soondead-27d3f9fbcbfb78c3

    Bells or horns

    Just open fire with a cannon perhaps? While that would probably get their attention, I do see a couple of potential drawbacks so I like your suggestion :-P
  14. Soondead-27d3f9fbcbfb78c3

    Make rock ("stone chunk") more common than dirt

    I have just dug a trench about 10 blocks wide, straight from the coast, at sea level, towards the center of the island and in the process extracted somewhere around 25k of dirt. And less than 20 stone chunks and marble combined. Dirt seems to be the "filler" material of the Ylands terrain, an idea that doesn't really ring true with me. I don't know too much about the geology of other parts of the world but I imagine where I live can't be the only place in the world where, if you start digging like this, you'll hit rock within a reasonable amount of time? Also, given the fact that in Ylands clay is the first material you really must find, maybe you should consider spawning random clay pieces like you already spawn horse shoes, cannon balls, old shoes and other "random" sources of useful crafting materials for those who can't seem to get them any other way? More veins in general please, and more variety of stuff to find when grinding the earth.
  15. Soondead-27d3f9fbcbfb78c3

    Scale back paintgun pigment consumption?

    I've recently started experimenting with the paintgun but so far it's been a daunting experience, mostly because painting even a tiny 1x1 block consumes a ridiculous amount of pigment. Painting a whole building is even more tedious than gathering the materials to build it, which is probably the reason why I have yet to see anyone actually bother with the paintgun on any of the servers I've visited so far. The game is almost unique in that it supports unlimited colors, yet everything remains boring grey, boring brown and sickly green. My suggestion is simple: Scale back the pigment consumption significantly, especially when painting tiny blocks.