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  1. Marco Oliveira

    Light with Flint so snapshot =/

    Please understand that this is not a reverie, just want to inquire the game with small details that makes it so immersive.
  2. Marco Oliveira

    Light with Flint so snapshot =/

    Yep, you can do it, but first make a item capable of it. a lighter for example. =)
  3. Marco Oliveira

    Light with Flint so snapshot =/

    you can fire faster but you'll need to do the item to do it. Imagine this: we have two items that make Flit and Flier fire, why would you try to make the Flighter and Flint buy the same function equally? I'm just suggesting functionality so that all items have a function and progression so the player can evolve their tools =)
  4. Marco Oliveira

    Light with Flint so snapshot =/

    Hello, I had already commenting on this in the topic "0.10 Clever Coding" about leaving the flint stone loading bar to light things up, and more advanced items to do it instinctively. I thought that was a charm of the game, I felt immersed when I was putting wood and lighting the stove to prepare food
  5. Marco Oliveira

    0.10: Clever Coding (27/08/2018)

    I was serious about flint, could let the load bar to light when using Flint stone, and let it be instantaneous when using a more advanced item such as a lamp or torch =)
  6. Marco Oliveira

    0.10: Clever Coding (27/08/2018)

    Only thing I did not like was that you no longer have to hold the flint (Leftbottom mouse) to light the fire ... I thought it was so immersive. could put back?
  7. Marco Oliveira

    Improve exploration with more land more cars and more goals

    yeah, how much processing really would be greater in that case, but, my idea was to make the car something more useful, than just building it and going round the island for no purpose, like stocking more items, moving faster on the ground. and the idea of ruins or temples, to encourage and reward the player to make these trips. I know that the game is in early acess but I do not want the game to be a great sandbox game without a purpose (let's make a ship! Ok, and then, I do not know .. navigate from island to island to see the same things ..)
  8. Marco Oliveira

    Improve exploration with more land more cars and more goals

    not no, I used the word continents but they can be big islands if you prefer, let's say that the Ylands is made up of 50% ocean and 50% land, how much to increase the size to 75% land (or even an option for this to generate the world) I will summarize my suggestion: Larger islands to be able to travel with cars and objectives with progression (as in the example of the ruins).
  9. Here's a list of tips to delve into the Ylands (all these my suggestions could also create a new game mode like "Adventure") Continents / or an option before generating the world more land: Instead of an archipelago of islands, the world of Ylands is composed of continents, Continents divided by the ocean, the world being made up of more land would be more interesting for players to build automobiles to move between points on the continent(even because even if you create the car, it is restricted to that island .. could even make a ship that could carry you but .. would not be practical). It would encourage the creation of ports in each continent that it can have varied and unique biomes. (if you can also create roads or even dirt roads, something that generates the world to remember a way to facilitate the transit of cars, something like the roads of the game "Kenshi" paths that refer to what was once a road). New beome: biome with volcanoes. Motivation for exploration: Create small goals to motivate the exploration and even the solo game as you search for islands that have ancient ruins with traps and unique rewards and even achievements on Steam. Give a very cliché example: we have 3 ruins; Jungle, Desert and Tundra. In order to be able to explore the ruin of the desert, you first need some artifact or item that manages to ruin the jungle, and the tundra an item of desert ruin ... and so on. Well, I hope I contributed something. Thank you =)
  10. Marco Oliveira

    Translation of Ylands

    Hello, I would like to know if you intend to translate into Portuguese-Brazil? >. <
  11. One of the experiences that could be even better offshore, would be the hunting of rare fish (sharks, squids, exotic fish), but not only fish but even mythical creatures in the form of Boss (Merfolk, Sirens, Craken Lake Monsters Ness etc ...) using utensils like harpoon and fishing nets on the ship, or even having to dive and using harpoons like crossbow but underwater. Capture modes could vary among tiers of Mobs types, for example: Tier Rare Fish: Seahorse, Hammerhead Shark, Clown Fish etc. Tier Epic Fish: Mermaid ... Tier Lendary: Cracken, Loch Ness Monster. (these would be bosses to face in order to get cosmetic items or weapons) This opens up a margin of possibility to motivate exploration and makes navigation less monotonous, awakening the feeling of being able to find something new whenever you go out to sea in addition to a new island. So the player himself will have more content to play, to go out in search of rare Mobs and their loot with their friends, these could be for example: Trident of Posseidon (rare drop or made through craft dropping items from rare mobs) Tiara of the Mermaid (idem); Thematic clothes of each mobs of the seas; More furniture for thematic creation of the seas. Conclusion: There are many possibilities to explore this idea, I even think that you (Yield Producers) should already have something similar in mind. But I wanted to contribute somehow to the game that I'm enjoying so much =) Hugs! (I'm Brazillian, im used Google translate xD)