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  1. Ybok

    Seaside Cottage WIP

    Very cozy place! I like it a lot, neat design Reminds me of Hobbiton =P
  2. Had the same issue -- used a ladder on my ship on one island, was teleported to another ladder on ANOTHER island.... heh.
  3. Ybok

    Many suggestions here

    Love the suggestions, a lot of these I've been thinking of myself. Bump, don't want all these ideas getting buried!
  4. Wow, impressive! Haven't seen anything like it yet. Really cool creation
  5. Ybok

    The big fail (Dry Dock)

    Wondering..do you still get the ship "bucking" glitch when you're building on that dry dock?
  6. Ybok

    some stuff and some things

    Are you looking for your own server to pay for or to help contribute to a running server with a group of people? I have a community with one of our guys running our server and you're welcome to join us if you want. Just DM me
  7. Ybok

    Velocifer's Workshop

    Perfect! Thanks for the tip
  8. Ybok

    Velocifer's Workshop

    Really cool, I like the details and mast placement. Is there any way to climb to the nest at the top of the masts? Haven't been able to figure it out myself. And the stabilizers are a cool touch! Happy sailing
  9. Ybok

    My time in a new land

    This happened to me when I was digging my ship out once. Didn't make sense to me how the ocean level can drop like that. I understand a lake or a pond water level dropping. Don't know if this is intentional, but I feel like the ocean level should always remain constant. But of course it's early access. Things can always change! I too dug my ship out with a spade like @Dustin Michael, barely got it out! Hope you have better luck in your future adventures but this does make a good story haha.
  10. Ybok

    Christmas Trees!!

    It's beautiful Merry Christmas!
  11. Ybok

    artic ylands

    All I find in the arctic ylands were a LOT of penguins and some hungry polar bears. I guess the polar bears don't like the taste of penguins.
  12. Ybok

    Exploration ship

    Love it, very cozy and well designed! Exploration is my favorite part of this game, and I love all of the customization that this game allows.
  13. Ybok

    Christmas ship

    Haha! Very unique, very creative. I dig it! I imagine it sailing by ylands blasting it with dozens of presents. Just needs an elf crew to man the cannons!
  14. Anyone who asks what they win will be disqualified. btw I win
  15. Ybok

    Dedicated Server FAQ

    Hello! I'm interested in participating in the Beta for DS, would love to get something started for my community.