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  1. Gristle-4e5a1c0e661b6b1a

    Dev Diary #26

    Thanks for the update!
  2. Gristle-4e5a1c0e661b6b1a

    Ylands crashes Steam client

    Have had Ylands crash my Steam client several times now. Symptoms are both Ylands and Steam becoming un-responsive and the Steam window gets an odd grey border, almost like old style Windows window borders. Is there any logging that I should be providing the next time this happens?
  3. Gristle-4e5a1c0e661b6b1a

    UDP or TCP Connection

    In the DS logs I recall seeing entries that basically said that there was a lottery for the connection type: TCP or UDP. Is there a way (config file or command line param) to force one type of connection or the other for clients?
  4. Gristle-4e5a1c0e661b6b1a

    Dev Diary #25

    Thanks Aleš. Just wanted to make sure you had BI resources in your toolbox.
  5. Gristle-4e5a1c0e661b6b1a

    Dev Diary #25

    Bohemia Interactive is the reason I bought Y-Lands. I've been a customer of BI since Operation Flash Point. They have done many multiplayer titles and undoubtedly have someone on staff who is familiar with how to write network code for a multiplayer game. I would respectfully ask that you use your relationship with BI to request some consultation with one of their veteran network engineers. I think this would go a long way to improving your network code.
  6. Gristle-4e5a1c0e661b6b1a


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