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    KNOWN ISSUE Large Ship Capsized during building...

    Try placing some wooden beams on the ship first. I was having the same problem trying to place a large item on my ship. As soon as it got close to the ships grid, it would start rocking and sinking like a bathtub toy. I placed some wooden beams down, and then I tried again and was able to place the larger item. Maybe, it will work for you.
  2. NYGTarHeel

    Share your beautiful pictures!

    Exploring the arctic at night in the middle of a blizzard (not my best idea)...
  3. I agree that it should be about figuring things out and acquiring skills over time. However, I also feel that potential changes, like making the propeller pack chargeable, don't add to the difficulty. These kinds of things just make it a grind-fest. Things only being available on certain islands (like rubber) are good. It forces you to explore and figure out ways to leave the island. Things like increasing the cost of certain items is bad. It makes people have to excessively grind for resources which takes away the fun. Obviously, a balance needs to be found here and will take tweaks over time.
  4. NYGTarHeel

    Scale back paintgun pigment consumption?

    Agreed. Or at least make it so that it doesn't count the same amount of pigment to paint a 1x4 beam and 1x1 block.
  5. I read that you all were planning on making the propeller pack rechargeable. I think this is a mistake and will ruin something that was perfectly fine the way it is. I have seen some people try to suggest that it is OP, and I disagree. It is not very fast, so it does not take the place of ships (or swimming with flippers). Plus, you can't take containers with you. It is extremely helpful with building bases and ships and having to constantly recharge will only make an already arduous process that much more of a pain. Please keep the propeller pack the way it is. Thanks.
  6. Unfortunately, it's a known issue. They fixed one cause for it and are releasing the fix next week in the new patch. Hopefully, that will be all that's needed. Link About this Fix and Others
  7. NYGTarHeel

    Paint Gun Gllitch White Color

    The only way to get white right now is to paint something a different color first, and then you can re-paint it white. I'm guessing it's only for that exact value, and why it works fine on a blank piece when you switched it to 255,255,254.
  8. NYGTarHeel

    If you run a dedicated public server...

    I heard someone make the same suggestions about the bodies at spawn, and they said they weren't able to remove them. Maybe something that will be fixed in a future update.
  9. Please implement a pause button for single player games. Having to quit the map and reload it every time is frustrating.