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  1. In the inventory you can tell if a block is small (1x1x1) or Medium (2x2x2) By a S or a M in the bottom right hand corner of the slot. This does not appear in the crafting interface and so there is not way to tell if you are crafting a medium or a small version of the block. Also names are vague all plain sandstone blocks are called "Sandstone Block" and all decorated sandstone blocks are called "Decorated Sandstone Block" It doesn't matter if they are a convex decorated medium ramp or a small plain ramp its all "Sandstone Block" or "Decorated Sandstone Block"
  2. Two Sandstone Medium Ramp blocks require the iron chisel as a material rather than a tool. The entire iron chisel is used to create a single Medium Sandstone ramp Block. There are two recipes this occurs for as far as I can tell, The plain Sandstone ramp and the convex corner ramp block. Both are medium recipes.