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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I was just returning to my ship from very succesfyl expedition. I click "use the ladder" and... I've found myself in Heaven. Literally. I didn't die and after a few moments I was respawned.., but I was respawned to my first Yland. Hopefully it is also my homebase, hopefully I still have the map and all my items. Problem is - my super transport ship is miles away from me and I have no boat. Well... Once again, please, let us manually save the game when we want it (in singleplayer it's not a problem, right?). In normal case I'd load me previous save and try to get onboard my ship again... Autosafe isn't "wonderful invention of XXIc" - it's not obligatory "happyness" for everyplayer. All The Best,Bartosz
  2. When the ship was first built, the ladders worked fine, after some time, The Port Ladder when Used Teleports you to StarBoard Ladder like you were Climbing that Ladder and same the Other way. Odd, right? No major issues. But latter on another Yland when I boated over with the same Large Ship. My ladders disappeared completely and I was traped on the Yland. I had to build a Dock on every Yland I went to so I could get back aboard my ship. Okay, Okay, no issue. Til one day the usual common Re-position glitch on a moving ship TP's me off my Large Ship in the middle of the Ocean. It's Sails Down so it's Still Sailing I'm able to swim after it, but unable to get aboard. So my ship just sailed off with a Ton of Resources to never be seen again, haha. I'd love for the ladder bug to not happen to other players. For notes that may help. [Was Multiplayer] [Save was Transferred from My Saved Games Folder to My Friends For Him To Host The World. The Ship Was Built Before The Transfer.] [Onboard the Ship was 10 Pirate Chests. And Multiple Cave Crystals. Zzz Pink Tea Flag. 3 Wind Flags. 2 Mats 1 Large Mast. One Gunpowder Keg. Non really obstructing the Ladder.] -As Shown in the Image Below. I didn't intend to take screenshots of the missing ladders so the only image I took with the missing ladders is this one, sorry for the distance. [P.S That's my friend Boating over to Pick me Up.]
  3. Maxime Gaillard

    KNOWN ISSUE Pointers gone wild

    Hi, Let me tell you something that happened yesterday, as my ship was enchored near an island I just ended up exploring. I was jumping on the ship deck, trying to attach a lantern on the mast, when suddently I found myself high above the word -without drinking any potion. Time to realize "look, I'm flying !", I was falling down, scratching on my ship, and stupidly diying. Hopfully, my character spawned back in the same island, and I began to run for my life toward the ship. I had just reached the ladder, nearly dead from frost, I held it in my hands and... suddently I was at the top of another ladder, one of a cabin at the deep end of the island -and once more diying, freezed to ice. One more time respawning, running for my life as I was naked, hunted by wild grey wolves, reached a hunting cabin, holded the ladder to go up safe, and ... finding myself suddently onboard of my ship. Time to say "flee", I raise the anchor and sail home. Once in the middle the sea, my ship collides a floating wreck. Guess what ? a computer ! I finaly reached home, with a computer in my bag, turned off my -real- computer, and go to bed for real. That's what we can call a fantastic-randomly-generated-adventure! God save the bugs ! - and the developpers that set respawning on the same island... PS : Unhappily, I have no log for that session and everithing was back to normal this morning, so you may consider this just for the record and use it as another context for the common issue "Ladders teleporting players to odd places". output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt