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Found 5 results

  1. I've noticed that when I go to move items from my inventory into a chest or container, the items refuse to stack with identical items that are already in the chest/container. So if I've got an incomplete stack of Iron Ingots in a chest and want to move another few Iron Ingots out of my inventory and join it with the ones in the chest, it simply won't do it. Right clicking the ingots in my inventory doesn't work, and drag and dropping them into the chest won't work either. Instead it will just fill an empty slot if there is one. If there isn't a free slot available then the items will stay in your inventory stubbornly. When this happens you have to drag and drop the stack that's in the chest onto the one that's in your inventory and then put the now combined stack back into the chest. Really annoying.
  2. If you open a container while in one of your containers in your inventory like the herb bag , seed box , soil box etc and transfer one of your items to the container content window on top of an item it transfers the item no matter what it is. eg: Stone,tools,food, etc
  3. Hey it s me again =) OK so far we have a few inventory containers, seeds, keys, pigments, soils, coals, herbs, seashells. Now comes the greedy part, how about MORE containers for: Tools, Stones (stone chunks, marble, sandstone...), Ores, Crystals, Meats, Furs, Wood (logs, sticks, bark, wooden pieces), Fruits, Vegetables, Ammo? This would not only clear the inventory but also give a sort of classification by type that would not be bad... like categories, but by containers. Vote and UpVote if you like it =)
  4. I can no longer access chests or workstations. The chest animation works but the interface doesn't appear. I can view my personal inventory although it is buggy and doesn't show item amounts correctly. This started when I died and went to make a new character. This was my first time dying if that matters. After selecting character appearance the game started to load in the world. During loading the game froze at 56%. After about half an hour, I force closed the program. When I loaded the game later, the new character was at the spawn point and the world looked like I expected it to. This is when I noticed that no structure interfaces were working. I built a wicker basket to make sure it belonged to my new character and I couldn't open this either. output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  5. Heeya, So I found this bug with chests. When they ar full of stuff and you rightclick something in your inventory to add the item to the chest, the item just disappears.. Lost a few things now, nothing to important. Just some stones and grass. I thought it might have dropped next to the chests but it did not. P.s. I really like the game!!