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French Translation Almost Perfect...

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As stated in the title, the French Translation is almost perfect but... There are still some errors, and i would really like to help there on Crowdin, since i did help translate another game into French for over a year, following each new version and doing all the new dialogs each time, feeding the Glossary and proofreading, i am really qualified for this, and i love it too.

Need one example? ok, here goes, "Vacuum Tube" in French is now a "Vacuum Cleaner Tube"... when it should be a "Tube Of Empty" (literally).

See, i can help.

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1 hour ago, MegaChristalle said:

A small question: we can not put the game in French yet?

Yes you can, in Steam, go to your Games Library, find out Ylands, right click on Ylands in the list of games, and choose Properties, here go to Define Launch Options (définir les options de lancement), and once in that little window with room to type a line of text, simply write "-translator" there (without the "quotes") and press OK.

Next time you will launch the game, you will be able to pick French Language in the options.

Have Fun =)

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